The Friday Five! (Special Pre St. Patrick’s Day Edition!)

1. Yes, Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day. Personally, I’m not that into this holiday, never have been, but especially since my dog Scout died two years ago. She died today, on the day before St. Patrick’s Day, but I found out late that night, and then had to fly home the next morning, very early, when I was still all shaken up and really, really sad. I was in NYC, and in the cab, on the streets, everywhere it seemed, people were already St. Patrick’s Day CRAZY, even before the sun was up. “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” my cabdriver kept saying, while I just sat there in the back seat, trying to hold it together. Of course, this is not the fault of St. Patrick’s Day, and I should not blame it. But still, once you have an association, it’s kind of hard to shake. But Scout was a great dog. I really miss her. (I just read this back over and MAN is it a depressing thing to start the list with. Maybe I should move it down a bit?)

2. On the flip side, however, today is a GREAT day, because it is my friend Courtney’s 28th birthday. Woo-hoo! 28 is a good year: you’re over the more tumultuous aspects of your early twenties, but not quite at 30 yet. It’s all good. (Says the person who will be 37—37!!!!—in a matter of months. Yikes! How did THAT happen?) Also amazing is that Courtney is a full nine years younger than me, considering that I swear sometimes, with our matching writing neurosis, love of lipgloss and 90210 reruns, we were separated at birth.

3. Speaking of friends, I have my friend Leigh to either thank or curse for introducing me to my latest obsession: Whole Foods Whole Treat Dark Chocolate Sauce. People, this stuff is DANGEROUS. It comes in a little jar, which you can easily pop into the microwave for a couple of minutes, at which point it become this incredibly thick, creamy hot fudge sauce, which you can then put over ice cream, or poundcake, or, if you’re just really impatient and/or decadent, eat with a spoon right out of the container. I know there are a lot of fudge sauces you can buy and heat up, but I have never tasted one as good as this. If you go to buy it, consider yourself warned. And stock up on the vanilla ice cream, just my advice.

4. I am not even going to comment on what happened on Grey’s Anatomy last night, as I know some of you might not have been able to watch it yet. Let me just say this: don’t miss the last scene. Yikes! I am STILL unsettled.

5. Finally, because I started this entry with a kind of a downer (everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!) and because it’s raining here, and cold, a bit of a picker-upper. Can’t offer you Whole Treat via cyberspace—although how cool would that be, if I could?—so I’ll just give you a little something from the Muppets. As my dad would say, enjoy, enjoy.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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