So, yeah. I got a little excited about UNC making the Sweet 16. Any excuse to make cupcakes, right?

(If you’re wondering, the RS is for Reyshawn, the E for Ellington. I only had a small tube of cake gel, had to make it last. Tyler got his whole name, though, because…well, he deserves it.)

An exciting weekend all around, especially for the basketball lover. My joy was tempered only with the panic about whether or not Veronica Mars had actually been canceled (as was the rumor) or would instead be re-formatted as a new show, with Veronica already an FBI agent. From what I can tell, nobody seems to know yet which of these things, or either, is going to happen: the latest update I could find is here. Please, oh, please, just let it stay, one way or another. CW Gods, we’re begging you!

Meanwhile, I finally got to watch The Departed this weekend, and I have to say I was NOT disappointed. And honestly, I was expecting to be, since every time a movie is hyped at that level (Oscars, buzz, etc) I always end up expecting it to be great, too great. Well, this was. Yes, it’s bloody, and a lot of people get shot. But the plot is twisty and fabulous and even the smaller parts have GREAT people in them. So, so good.

(Side note: I was still on such a Leo-in-the-Departed-high that I ended up watching part of Titanic the next day, just to keep the feeling going. Until, in fact, my husband demanded I stop, which I then did for the sake of my marriage. This is the SAME person, I might add, who was watching TV last night and summoned me thusly: “Honey, come quick, Star Wars is on and it’s the part where Vader fights Obi Wan!” Like THAT was supposed to mean something to me. Oh, well. Opposites attract, and all that.)

Finally, last night I went to a dinner party, where I discovered yet ANOTHER dessert I now think I can’t live without. Brace yourself: butterscotch peanut butter Rice Krispie treats. With…wait for it…chocolate on top. Oh, my good Lord. I need to just give up sweets altogether, as this is getting out of control. Like, soon. Okay, maybe after the tournament’s over. But then, definitely. I swear….

have a good day, everyone!
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