Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring, and faithful readers of this space know that this excites me. Of course, it won’t necessarily FEEL like spring immediately—although it’s supposed to be in the sixties here today, I think, before getting colder tomorrow—really, all I need is the mental assurance that we’ve crossed over. In my mind, it’s spring. Even if it’s snowing outside. I MAY even have to bust out my new Havianas flip-flops, if only for a few minutes, just to celebrate. We’ll see.

This might be especially necessary, considering that I’m heading off to a wedding this weekend in colder climates: New England. Something tells me there’s NOT going to sixty degree flip-flop weather there, although with global warming I might be wrong, I guess. At any rate, this is the first of a couple of weddings in my near future, so I’m thinking about gifts. Now, when I got married, I was happy to get anything, and I know most people probably feel this way. Set of glasses? Great! Wafflemaker? Fantastic! Singing fish you can mount on your wall? Sure, why not? (And if you think I’m joking about that last one, let me assure you, I am not. We got a singing plastic fish. We don’t still HAVE it, for various reasons, but we did get it.) Normally, as a wedding gift-giver, I’m all about the registry. People have said what they want, you go pick it out, everyone’s happy, right? Then again, as a bride myself, the stuff we got that we hadn’t already picked out was nice as well, because it was a surprise (like that singing fish). Lately, though, I find myself at almost every wedding facing the same dilemma: registry, or gift card?

Personally, I love a gift card. We got a few when we got married, and I saved them until a few weeks after the wedding, when everything had died down, at which point I went out and shopped, shopped, shopped, and it was good. But at the same time, I know some people might think this is kind of an impersonal gift, and possibly tacky, as it’s clear exactly what you spent, and isn’t that bad etiquette? (Normally, I don’t pay a lot of attention to such things, but if you’ve ever planned a wedding, or even been involved in one, you know that etiquette is a Big Deal. Once married, though, that all goes out the window. At least in our case.) But if you’re traveling to a wedding, as I am this weekend, gift cards are easy, portable, perfect. So I’ll probably go with that. Even if it is kind of tacky.

Frankly, though, I’m excited for wedding season, the same reason I am for spring: something to look forward to, friends and fellowship and pretty dresses (at least on the brides) and finger food and true love and all that. (Oops, true love probably should have been first in that sentence. Of course I would put finger food ahead of it, if only because I’ve still got Scotcheroos in the brain from yesterday.) I love a wedding. Especially when I don’t have to plan it. That’s the BEST.

Also great? Walking outside, as I just did, at 8:47am, when it’s in the upper fifties, and you can just smell spring, in the distance. A little bit of grass, some flowers blooming, leaves about to bud on the trees. Ahhhhh. Nice.

have a good day, everyone!