The Friday Five! (special last few days of March edition!)

1. Seriously, where did March GO? It seems like it only just started, and now here we are almost to April. Why is it that February seemed to last six months, but these four weeks fly by? Granted, much of the month I was mad at work on a book, which always makes time feel kind of off, but still. On the flip side, everything here is blooming: Spring has officially sprung. Nice.

2. Yesterday, on an whim (i.e. impulse buy, while at the counter being rung up) my husband bought me a box of Jelly Belly jellybeans. We took them out to the car and opened them up, and I was like, “Eh, jellybeans. Whatever.” But I had forgotten how bizarre Jelly Bellys actually are: the bubble gum one actually tastes JUST LIKE bubblegum, the watermelon IS watermelon, and the black licorice…well, let me just say, EW. I remember being in elementary school and being fascinated by this, and it’s still kind of mind boggling. Can you imagine that there is someone out there whose job it is to try to come up a peanut butter jellybean flavor SO accurate that it makes you want a glass of milk? It’s very Wonka-like, you have to admit. My personal favorite, at least for the time being: pina colada. Yum!

3. It seems like all my shows were in reruns this week, except for the one I am convinced NO one else is watching: Dirt, which had its season finale. Now, I watched the entire season, and I have to say this show, to me, is equally intriguing and disturbing, sometimes both at the same time. Jennifer Aniston was on this last show, which was supposed to be a big deal, but honestly I was too distracted wondering how they were going to tie everything up. They kind of did…and kind of didn’t. Plus, I was confused by certain things, which is tough when, again, no one else you know is watching. So if anybody out there IS a fan of Dirt, and watched the finale, can you explain to me what the deal was with Willa wearing the wig and the publisher guy with the tape? I would be MOST grateful, as there is no guarantee this show will even be back next year, which would leave me confused forever. Thank you!

4. This time last year, I was just about to start my publicity tour for Just Listen. I did ten days of traveling, lots of local appearances, conferences, bookstore and…finally collapsed around the beginning of August. It was great, albeit exhausting, and totally worth every minute. Since then, I’ve been pretty much laying (or is it lying?) low, just writing, but I’m happy to report that it looks like I WILL have an upcoming reading, in New York City, in early May. It will be my first ever New York bookstore appearance, which is pretty exciting. As soon as I have the go ahead from super publicist Allison, I will put up more details. But if you’re in NYC, I hope you’ll consider coming out. Should be fun!

5. Finally, a confession: I’m still completely hooked on the Office, even though it’s been in reruns for weeks now and I’ve had to content myself by watching my season two DVD again, episode by episode. A new one returns next week (finally!) but in the meantime, a little Pam and Jim love, just because I can:

Sigh. Yeah. That’s just what I needed.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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