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Can I just say how grateful I am that April Fool’s Day fell on a Sunday this year? I am the world’s MOST gullible person, and the fact that this, a day I dread, fell on the weekend meant there was that much less chance I’d end up looking like a total schmuck repeatedly over the course of twenty four hours. Of course, I can feel like a schmuck any day, really: that’s part of the whole gullible thing. But somehow, I feel better knowing that the risk has fallen a bit since yesterday. (Of course, I say that, and now something will happen that makes me look like a total moron. Isn’t that always the way?)

Speaking of looking, or feeling, like a moron, this weekend I went to see The Namesake, the movie adaption of the great book by Jhumpa Lahiri. The movie was good, very faithful to the story, which as a writer of course I always like. But I was mildly distracted, as I have been every since my friend Leigh told me this great story about one of HER friends and this book. Apparently, this friend read the entire book thinking that the title was not pronounced as it is (i.e. The Namesake) but like this: The Nama-sockey. So now whenever I see the book on my shelf, or sitting in the theater, I kept thinking, “The Namah-sockey!” which is silly and ridiculous but also, it seems, inescapable once you start reading it that way. So if you were at the Chelsea theater on Saturday, and heard me and my friend Dana tittering during the opening credits, I apologize. But now that YOU’VE heard this story, I guarantee you’ll do the same thing next time you hear of this book. Or, maybe you won’t. Maybe you are mature and above such things, in which case I say, good for you. You probably never fall for April Fools tricks either.

Finally, as promised, details on my reading in New York: it’s going to be on May 9th—that’s a Wednesday—at the Barnes and Noble at 240 East 68th Street, at 7pm. (You can also find this info on my appearances page.) I think I mentioned that this is my first bookstore reading EVER in New York, and frankly, I am nervous, as—unlike here—I cannot rely on my local friends and family to fill seats and look like actual readers. So if you can come, PLEASE do. I would be most appreciative. And hopefully, by then or even before, I will have news about my new book, as well as other exciting upcoming happenings. And that is no joke! So stay tuned…

have a good day, everyone!
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