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This morning on GMA, they asked the question: is the average person better acquainted with the American Idol contestants, or the candidates in the upcoming presidential election? The results, frankly, surprised me, as a lot of the average people asked (i.e. folks on the streets of New York) knew the Idol kids easily, but blanked on the candidates. Now, I’m the first to admit I watch entirely too much TV. But people, this was NOT pretty. But to see if they pan out in the real world (or as real as this world is) a test: how many of these people can YOU identify?

On the other hand, the readership of this blog is probably not a fair indicator of the American population in general, either. I mean, simply by being here you’re on the Internet, which means you probably have a home page, where the election is already news on a fairly regular basis. But I’m continually surprised, when I see segments like this one on GMA, by how many people DON’T follow the news. Maybe this is because I grew up in a very current events oriented household: my parents get the daily paper, the New York Times on Sundays, and watch the world news every single night after dinner. (Maybe it’s heredity, but I, too, read the paper every day and watch the news every night, but usually AS I’m eating dinner. The Times I read online, or over at their house.) Granted, the election is still a ways away, and by the time it gets closer, and narrowed down to fewer candidates, more people will be able to easily identify them.

It’s not like, even with all the news I read and watch, that I’m any kind of example: I could easily tell you everything about Nicole Richie’s life history, and very little about, say, Perez Musharraf. But American Idol has only been on a matter of weeks, and somehow a lot of people already know these contestants, first and last names: I can’t tell you how many people blanked entirely on Mitt Romney, but EVERYONE knew Sanjaya. Maybe Mitt should look into that ponyhawk if he wants to stand out from the crowd. Clearly, it works.

In other news, here, today, it is going to be eighty degrees. By Saturday, the high is supposed to be in the fifties, with lows in the twenties. Is this odd, or is it just me? It’s like Spring just can’t quite come and STAY, instead just arriving in wonderful bursts, then slipping away and laughing as we all grumpily pull out our sweaters again. Still, I guess all you can do is make the most of it. Put on those flip flops, go outside and breath in the warm air (and try NOT to dissolve into a coughing/sneezing/eye watering fit, thanks to the pollen) while it lasts. But I will be grumbling when I pull out that sweater this weekend. That, I am sure of.

have a good day, everyone!
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ps. Oh, and just in the name of being complete: the pictures above are of Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate; Blake Lewis, Idol beatboxer, John McCain, Republican presidential candidate, and Lakisha Jones, Idol diva. How’d you do?