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They were just talking about prom dresses on GMA, so of course I had to step away from the computer and go watch. What is it about prom stuff that still somehow fascinates me? I can’t even say, it’s pathetic. I could claim professional necessity, research, and all that, but it’s really not that as much as my severe tendency towards nostalgia. And it’s not like I even had the classic prom experience, either: I went to two proms, in ninth grade and senior year, and while they were fine and nice and everything, I never went with, like, someone I loved, and had that whole movie-montage moment, you know, like in Pretty in Pink or whatever. (God, what is this suddenly, therapy? Yikes.) Anyway, this segment was about dresses, and I have to say they have come a LONG way since

—oh, my God, Regina Spektor is right now on GMA singing that song “Fidelity.” I have had that song in my head for DAYS now. It’s a lovely song, but man will it stick in your cranium. I guess I know what I’ll be humming until tomorrow now. Oh, well.

What was I talking about? Oh, right, prom dresses. Which HAVE come a long way since the eighties, when I was wearing big poufy numbers. Now, when I see girls out on prom nights around here, or on this segment on GMA, it’s all about very sleek, more mature looks, like stuff you’d see on Kate Hudson at the Oscars instead of, say, some girl from NC going to her senior prom. I mean, there was this red, one-shouldered number they just featured that I couldn’t imagine wearing NOW, much less when I was seventeen or eighteen. Maybe I’m the exception, but I think it takes some serious confidence to rock a one shouldered tight red dress, no matter where you’re going. (Then again, some girls are capable of this: my best friend Bianca wore a GOLD dress to the ninth grade prom, which made her pretty much legendary.)

My favorite, though, was an “eighties-inspired” dress described as “retro.” (Oh, man. The eighties are now retro. This is enough to depress me MORE than having a song in my head for a whole other day, but I digress.) It was a very cute dress, short with a cute flippy kind of skirt, worn with a long bead necklace. But I don’t remember knowing anyone at MY two proms in the eighties that were wearing such a thing. I mean, if you really want to rock the vintage eighties look, shouldn’t you wear a real eighties dress? Like, say, my big white dress from senior prom, which had a ruffle across the chest (if I remember correctly, and I may not) and a big puffy kind of skirt. I guess, though, there’s a difference between eighties-inspired and the actual eighties. Like maybe the same difference between vintage and retro? Hmmm.

Finally, I can’t help but comment on the Idol results, for the few of you reading who actually care. I’m sorry, but I think this season is kind of going down the tubes. I mean, I didn’t think Gina was going to win the thing, but she’s definitely a stronger singer than either Haley or He-Who-I-Will-Not-Name-Because-He’s-Gotten-Enough-Publicity-For-God’s-Sake. I’ve never exactly accused Idol of being fair, but it seems especially off this year. But then, what do I know? I wore a birthday cake of a dress to the prom back in the retro/vintage eighties. So maybe I need to just sit back in my rocking chair and just shut up. In fact, I think I will.

have a good day, everyone!
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