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The Friday Five! (Special Good Friday edition!)

1. One year ago today, Just Listen was released in stores. For me, really, it’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year, that is was only that long ago that I was sitting here, nervously expectant, waiting for the book to come out and the tour to begin and everything else. It all seems like such a blur now, all that work over the months that followed, but still so, so worth it. I almost wish I had another book coming out today, just because it was all so fun. ALMOST. Once a year I think would be tough. But next year at around this time…..

2. This weekend, not only does the Easter Bunny come but something else: the return of The Sopranos (for its final episodes) and a show I TRULY love, Entourage. Yessss! I am so ready for Sunday nights to be fun again. To be honest, I’ve ebbed and flowed with the Sopranos: I was really into the first season, then dropped off a bit before getting back into it last year, but I am really eager to see how they wrap everything up. As far as Entourage, I haven’t missed an episode, and I think it just gets better and better. I didn’t realize how deeply I’d been in Ari Gold withdrawal until I started to see the previews. Now, I cannot wait. Bring it on!

3. I have heard a rumor (from my friend Dana) that they now make dark chocolate M&M’s with almonds. Is this true? Do I dare even look for them? Because if I do, it’s all going to be over. I have tried SO hard to curb my sweet tooth—with mixed results—but this might do me in entirely. Probably better not to know. Denial works in many things, but especially chocolate.

4. How much did I love seeing a new Office last night? Especially in the midst of this sea of reruns? It was fab. I won’t give anything away, in case some of you are saving it for the weekend (in which case I admire your discipline, as this is one of the only shows I insist on watching live). It’s also one of the only shows that makes me laugh out loud, almost every time. Just so, so good. Sigh. If it was a person, I’d be crushing like mad. Maybe I am anyway?

5. Yesterday, I mentioned Pretty in Pink, which of course got me thinking about the movie itself. It wasn’t the greatest eighties movie by a long shot, or even close to the best Molly Ringwald movie. But it did have its moments, and this is one of my favorites. Plus, if you’re a fan of Two and a Half Men and haven’t even heard of this movie, you’re seriously missing out. Before Napoleon, there was Duckie. Enjoy.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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