Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I can’t believe how many of you took the time to leave such nice comments and congratulations about yesterday’s entry. I am overwhelmed, no joke. A lot of you asked how I could have possibly kept this a secret, and the truth is, it wasn’t easy. In fact, in the last couple of weeks, as I’ve started to show, I’ve been convinced someone would see me out here in Chapel Hill and post a comment asking if I was pregnant, thereby outing me before I was ready to share it. And I DID want to wait until I was ready, for various reasons. But I have to admit, it’s a relief to not have to keep it under my hat anymore. Whew! And now you know why I had to give up coffee, and have been unable to turn down sweets, despite my best efforts. And for those of you who have written in asking me to do school visits, or readings in the fall, and I had to say no…now, you know why. Suffice to stay I’ll be sticking close to home in the fall, as well as this summer, as I get bigger. I can’t tell you how many people have said, “Oh, man. You’re going to be really pregnant in North Carolina in AUGUST? You’ll be miserable!” Which may be true. But I promise you here this will NOT turn into a blog all about my swollen feet and mood swings and everything else. At least, I hope not.

Thanks also for the excitement about the book. It’s been odd, these two things running parallel, the pregnancy and the novel. In a lot of ways, the processes are similar: wonderful, a little scary at times, lots of ups and downs, but something so great waiting at the end. Plus, they’ve both been such a secret, held in. I was actually nervous yesterday, sitting here with my finger poised over the POST ENTRY button, knowing I was putting these two things out there for everyone to know. It’s a leap of faith, like so much else. But now, it’s out there. 261 comments and counting!

Finally, in a completely unrelated note, I just have to say something about Valerie Bertinelli. If you didn’t grow up in the seventies and eighties, you may not even know who she is, but lately, and suddenly, she’s been EVERYWHERE. On the cover of People, wanting to lose weight, on the View yesterday: even Meg Cabot is talking about her. Let me just say this: when I was a kid, I loved me some VBert. She was so cool—even before she married Eddie Van Halen, who she is now, sadly, divorced from—and she was on one of my FAVORITE shows as a kid, One Day at a Time. How much did I love this show? So much that when I played Barbies, back in the seventies, my Barbie was always divorced and working as an ad exec, just like the mom on it, Ann Romano. I swear that fact that I once planned to major in advertising (for about five seconds) was completely due to Bonnie Franklin and this character. (Oh, that’s just sad. Plain sad. Why do I even confess these things?) Anyway, for me personally, it’s nice to see VBert again, out in the world. She’s still cute, still cool, and this great link to my past, and who doesn’t love that? Even better, though, is YouTube, which made it possible for me to delve entirely into nostalgia yesterday, with this, the theme song and opening credits to the show. I would tell you that I still remembered ALL the words, as well as the episodes that each clip was from, but that would just be too embarrassing. Whoops! Too late.

Thanks again, and have a great day everyone!
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