The Friday Five! (Special pre-tax day edition) (with late-breaking number 6 now added!)

1. Remember when the day your taxes were due was a big deal? When April 15th (or April 17th, in this case) was discussed, and dreaded, and feared, and the news covered people lining up at the post office to get their return postmarked before midnight? Maybe it’s just not a story yet, too early, but I haven’t heard ANYTHING about taxes on the news this week. Probably, this is because everyone files online these days, and early to boot. It’s just taken some of the stress and drama out of it. Still, there was something nice about that whole we’re-all-in-this-together thing, finding unity at the mailbox, just beating the deadline. That said, I did pay mine about a week ago. So I guess I’m not exactly keeping the tradition either.

2. Okay, ABC, let me just say this: a clip show is NOT the same as a new episode, in the same way that a Greatest Hits compilation is not the same as an album of new material. Yes, it’s kind of nice to see some favorite moments of Grey’s and Betty, but enough already. Thank God they both return next week. Also next week? I think I’m giving up on Idol altogether. I know, I know, I’ve said this before. But there was just something so annoying to me about this last week: the limp performances, the lack of spark all around, and the fact that now that they’re down to even LESS contestants, they still decided to drag the results show out to a full, bloated hour. I don’t know, I’m just kind of over it. It’s kind of like someone you were rooting for at first who gets all into themselves, the ego swelling and swelling, and then you can’t stand them. It’s not even Sanjaya, it’s just…everything. God, I can’t wait for Veronica Mars to come back, or even just some new Gilmores. Give me something else for my Tuesdays, please!

3. I am trying, trying, TRYING to resist buying tomato plants. I keep seeing them everywhere, most recently at Whole Foods, all pretty and potted and ready to go. But because they are already so big and lush I KNOW they are greenhouse raised, which means that the minute I bring them home they will promptly die on my deck. I know the smart thing would be to buy seeds and plant them, then nuture them along slowly, but I haven’t had a lot of luck with those either. Plus, everytime I go out and plant something—bulbs, seeds, whatever—the temperature suddenly drops and we have another freeze. Okay, Mother Nature, we get your point. You’re in control. Can it just stay warm now, please?

4. The weird thing about being pregnant (okay, one of the weird things) is that you know for a LONG time before it’s obvious to anyone else. Like, months. And you get so used to this being the case that when you suddenly are showing, and people notice, it completely freaks you out. So lately, when people say, “When’s the baby due?” I think I must look so shocked that they immediately assume I’m NOT pregnant, and begin stuttering and blushing, completely embarrassed, and then I have to say, “Oh, yes, I am,” at which point they look immensely relieved. Wasn’t it Dave Barry who said you should never ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless, right at that moment, a baby is coming out of her? This is the logic I have always followed, just to be on the safe side. The thing is, you’d think that being pregnant would be something you wrap your mind around fairly quickly—having a baby, gonna be a mom—but for me, it hasn’t worked like that. It’s still kind of surreal, and I even forget for long stretches, only to be VERY surprised when I pass a mirror and see myself. Yikes! So I guess it’s good you begin to show after a little while, if only to get you that much more used to the idea.

5. One clip they showed on the Grey’s show last night referenced one of my VERY favorite movies of all time. It’s a quick mention, and maybe, if you didn’t know it, you might have not gotten it, or missed it entirely. So just in case you did, the original example of loving someone in a “holding a boom box over your head” kind of way:

Sigh. Can’t go wrong with Cameron Crowe and John Cusack. EVER.

6. Okay, so it’s 2:50 pm and I just settled down to read my daily PW email with the children’s book section. I was scrolling along, catching up on my Harry Potter news, and various reviews and such, when there, under the Rights Report, I see this: Regina Hayes at Viking has acquired a new novel by Sarah Dessen. Lock and Key is scheduled to be published in 2008. And, since I had of COURSE said when I could reveal the title I would do it here first, I had to zip back over and do just that. So, yes. Lock and Key. 2008. You may now resume your regular activities. (Which, if you’re me, is reading emails and eating Phish Food out of the carton. Yum!)

have a great day, everyone!
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