The Friday Five! (Special , um….Friday edition?)

1. The other day, my husband wrecked on his bike—twice—and came home with a hand injury. He decided he’d just jammed a few fingers, and considered it no big deal, even when they swelled up to what I considered to be alarmingly hot-dog like size. He iced it, and took some aspirin, but refused to go to the doctor to see if anything was broken, maintaining that “there’s nothing they can do, anyway.” This is SO not the way I deal with pain. I would have been blowing it up to a near-critical injury, going to get X-rays, milking it for all it was worth. Then again, my pain threshold is way lower than his, clearly. Too bad he can’t be the one to go through labor. Just my luck, right?

2. So lately I’ve been craving blueberry muffins. They’re not THAT good for you, I know, but they do have fruit in them, which counts. (At least in my mind.) The problem with buying blueberry muffins, though, is that they often tend to be located in the bakery next to other things, like, say, donuts. So the other day, in search of a muffin, I ended up with a muffin AND two donuts. Guess which I ate first? And then, to add insult to self-injury, the muffin I bought wasn’t even blueberry at all but chocolate chip. Yikes! I think this is a conspiracy, personally. And that there’s a lesson here, which is probably to avoid the bakery section altogether. But like my husband with the pain, I’m choosing to disregard that.

3. Joel Siegel on GMA just gave a really good review to Adam Brody’s new movie, The Land of Women, which opens today. How much am I looking forward to seeing him on the big screen? OH so much. I had no idea my Seth Cohen withdrawal would be so severe. Truth is, I’d see the movie even if the reviews weren’t good, but hearing this is definitely a bonus. Popcorn ahead!

4. I don’t want to have to say it. I really, really don’t. But I believe in honesty on this page, so I’m going to just go ahead and tell you that I think Grey’s Anatomy is just not as good since that whole Meredith drowning episode. I know! I know! Am I being too hard on it? Or my expectations are just so high from last season? I don’t know. But after the last couple of new episodes I’ve just feltl…a little blah. Hopefully it’s only temporary.

5. Finally, it’s been a rough week. Lots of sad stuff on the news, things that just make you feel shaky in the world. So I tried to think of something fun to post here for this Friday, something silly and stupid that would just, you know, give us all a reason to smile. Then, it came to me. Friends, I give you: The Carlton Dance. Enjoy.

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