Ah, Monday. New week, new start! And yet I must begin with old business, as several people have been asking why I did not discuss the Idol results from last week. Truth? I just was kind of over the whole Sanjaya thing. It was done, I was sick of it, and I felt like moving on. Plus, I’m feeling more and more done with Idol these days: it’s like a little kid who is acting obnoxious, and giving it attention just makes it worse. So I’m doing my best, for the good of humanity in general, to abstain. Except that I just talked about it. Whoops!

In other news, I have just indulged in a DELICIOUS blueberry muffin, courtesy of Kristen and Jenn and everyone else at the West Regional Library in Cary, where I spoke on Saturday. Now, it was a beautiful day here on Saturday, serious outdoor weather, and yet these awesome librarians STILL managed to get me a big turnout of excited readers. Plus, before I spoke, we got to discuss fun stuff like new shoes and the aforementioned muffins and meeting your literary idols at BEA (we swapped Meg Cabot stories, so exciting!). Also, I did NOT fall down while climbing up on stage to speak, as Kristen was worried I would–it’s happened before, apparently—and only had a couple of pregnant brain moments (-forgetting the main character’s name in Just Listen, but only for a moment!) that hopefully not too many people noticed. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially Melissa, who should have been studying for a test. I really appreciate it.

Finally, on Friday when I was looking for that Carlton dance clip, I stumbled across another one and watched it first. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but the song in it of course got stuck in my head. Even weirder, I then heard this song AGAIN on NPR while I was driving to Cary, and then once more in the background of some movie on TV that night. I swear, it’s like the manah-manah thing, like hearing a song somehow makes it play somewhere else, and then somewhere else still. Crazy, right? It reminds me, in a way, of this phenomenon we used to experience in high school. There was this guy we all knew and no one liked named—well, I can’t say his real name, so we’ll just call him, um, Roger Bennett. NOT HIS REAL NAME! Anyway, whenever anyone would say his name, it was the weirdest thing: he’d just show up within an hour or so, as if summoned. It was so strange that we all got really freaked out and would shush anyone who said his name, even if it was an accident. In fact, even to this DAY my husband winces when I say his name, like twenty years later he’s going to come loping up the driveway and just pop in.

Anyway, that’s how I feel about this song. I heard it: I hummed it: the universe began to play it all around me. I know, I know, it doesn’t really mean I’m omnipotent, or anything. Or…does it? Either way, click on the link at your own risk: we may be starting a phenomenon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

have a good day, everyone!
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