So Rosie O’Donnell is leaving the View. Which means, pretty much, that I will also be done with it, as she’s the only reason I’ve ever found it worth watching. Yes, she’s loud and opinionated, and not everyone agrees with her politics, but I’ve always loved Rosie, back to her VH1 days, and then of course her daytime show which I religiously timed my gym workouts around. So, no more Rosie. Elisabeth Hasslebeck, I hardly knew ye. Oh, well.

Meanwhile, I’m in this weird place. My regular clothes all fit a little too snugly these days, but the few maternity things I’ve bought are too big, so I find myself having to choose between looking like I’m going for that whole a-bit-too-tight thing, or like I’m drowning in whatever I have on. Add in the fact that the yesterday I was up on Chapel Hill’s main drag with about a million coeds in incredibly cute little sundresses, and you can understand I feel a little out of sorts. My mother, in all her wisdom, keeps telling me that soon I won’t care at all about what I look like, and therefore should just invest in a few muu-muus to carry me through the summer. To which I say: Muu-Muus? What exactly even IS that? The only image that comes to mind, for me, is what Mrs. Roper always wore on Three’s Company, or one episode of the Simpsons, where a muu-muu was all Homer could fit into. Remember?

Like I said: not so appealing. (On a related note, for all you’d ever want to know about the Muu-Muu, go here. Fascinating stuff!)

Finally, BIG news (at least in my small world): Sephora is now open in Durham, at my local mall. This is so exciting, in fact, that my friend Dana called me specifically last night to tell me about it. True confession, Sephora is one of my serious weaknesses. Ever since the one in Chapel Hill closed awhile back I’ve been having to make do with just the website, which really takes a lot of the fun out of it, since you can’t try stuff on your hand and sniff things and basically waste hours wandering the aisles playing with the testers. Of course I want to go, like, TODAY but as I work better when using the stick-and-carrot system, I’ve decided instead that I will allow myself a trip once my revised manuscript is in the mail to my editor. Whereupon, I will reward myself with a new eyelash curler and some tinted moisturizer and maybe a new lip gloss and some Tocca lotion and—

—not that I’m obsessing about it or anything. Then again, makeup is one thing where one size fits all, which is a great thing. I bet Stila lipstick even looks good with a Muu-Muu. Thank God.

have a good day, everyone!
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