The Friday Five! (Special Ice Cream Day Edition!)

1. That’s right, today is Ice Cream Day. And what IS Ice Cream Day? Well…it’s Friday. See, I’ve been really into ice cream lately. Like, thinking about it when I wake up in the morning into it. And while I would LOVE to indulge this craving every time I have it, I’m trying to resist, so I made a deal with myself: every Friday, I get ice cream. Last week, it was a mint chocolate chip fudge sundae. Today, who knows. But I will be partaking, and I’d just like to invite all of you to, you know, join in if you want. Make today YOUR ice cream day. You won’t regret it!

2. Last night, because of other commitments, I did not get to watch Grey’s or The Office, although they are both on my Tivo, waiting for me. (I am avoiding all spoilers today, which is HARD!) Maybe I can watch them tonight, while I eat my ice cream. (Although that MAY just cause a complete collapse of the universe, as things are just not supposed to be THAT perfect—new Office, new Grey’s, ice cream—all at once. So if things get a little wonky around in the world around 7pm EST, you know who to blame. Sorry.)

3. I am so fed up with my MySpace page right now, I can’t even tell you. Yes, it’s a great resource, and I’ve met lots of nice people through it, as well as other authors, but JEEZ is there a lot of spam in my comments. Free gift cards, free iphones, free, um, enhancement products. Everytime I log in I spend ages wading through it all, delete, delete, delete. And does anyone know of ANY way of searching through your friends that actually works? With LJ at least they’re alphabetized: on MySpace, I can’t figure out how they are organized, and when I’m looking for one person in particular, the SEARCH option never seems to work, so the only option is to wade through ALL of them, which is impossible. If I’m missing some easy fix to any of these issues, please let me know. It’s so annoying!

4. What do you get for the person who really wants, well, nothing? This is the predicament I find myself in every year about this time, when my brother’s birthday rolls around. He’s an easygoing guy, not someone who is into material stuff or possessions (guess who got those genes!) and so finding a good gift is a real challenge. Sometimes I send him cookies, like from Harry and David (he has a serious sweet tooth, that DNA we DO share) or, when I’m totally uninspired, an iTunes gift certificate. This year, though, I’m trying to do something really good, and of course coming up short. I’m thinking about adopting him a goat. It’s for a good cause, right? Through this program, he could even go visit it: although, since he’s in California, and the goat is in Maryland, they’ll probably have to have a long distance relationship. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll just send a gift card after all.

5. Finally, there was a story in the news yesterday about Hugh Grant tangling with some photographer outside his house: apparently, he got so fed up with being followed he kicked the guy and threw a tin of baked beans at him. (I know. Odd, it is.) He got arrested, and everything, but you know things are bad when Hugh Grant is freaking out on people: he actually seems pretty easygoing. Plus, I’ve always had a serious soft spot for him, ever since Four Weddings and a Funeral, way back when. Anyway, so I went looking for a little Hugh Love this morning and found this video, which was in his recent movie Music and Lyrics (which I very much liked, by the way). Anyway, he plays a former eighties pop star, and…well, you’ll get the idea. Nostalgia alert: check the video ID at the beginning, which looks EXACTLY like the way the ones on MTV did when it first started. So great!

(I would like to embed it, but for some reason LJ isn’t letting me do that. So weird! Sorry….)

have a great day everyone!
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