Big happenings here this weekend: we got more fish.

Now, some of you may remember me writing about the pond my husband put in our yard last year. He started in, like, July, when it was SO FREAKING HOT, and was out there digging in the heat of the day, convincing me he was going to drop dead of heatstroke. But then it was done, and we filled it with water and hooked up the pump and went out and purchased a total of seven fish: two koi, three goldfish and two shebunkin. (Isn’t that a great word, shebunkin? I could just say it over and over. In fact, I’m saying it right now.) Anyway, we LOVED our pond, and have continued to love it even during the winter, when the fish went dormant followed by a heron dropping in, possibly cleaning it out entirely, all the way to when the pump began to make this grating noise that got progressively louder and louder, until I swear you could hear it in Raleigh it was so noisy. Suffice to say, we and the pond have been though a lot, but as the weather warmed up we discovered that while the heron had gotten some of the fish, the two shebunkin survived. I swear, the day they finally emerged and started swimming around in sight, I almost burst into tears. (What can I say, it was kind of a tough winter for all of us.) Even more exciting, they procreated as well, and now we have a baby shebunkin (shebunkie?) in there too.

So it seems kind of unfair, really, to add more fish. But we figured they might be lonely, so we got seven more this weekend: two koi and five comets. Everyone seems to be getting along, and I haven’t seen any herons, so I think it’s so far, so good. I have to admit, it’s nice to see things come back to life after being dormant for so long. Kind of gives you hope for the future, but I guess that’s what spring is about anyway, right?

Speaking of the spring, and the hard winter, I recently put up a piece on my MySpace blog about what I spent MY cold weather months (well, August until, like, April) doing, which is writing a novel. You can check it out here if you’re so inclined.

And finally, congrats are due to everyone who was nominated for the LA Times Book awards, which were announced this weekend, and especially to Coe Booth, who won the YA honors with her first novel, Tyrell. I was lucky enough to meet Coe back at NCTE in November and she is VERY cool, so kudos to her for this great achievement.

Now, I’m off to scour the horizon for herons, do a quick headcount, and enjoy my quiet new pond pump as it bubbles….

have a good day, everyone!
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