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I KNEW Elisabeth Hasslbeck was pregnant. Call it pregnancy simpatico, or intution, or whatever, but for the last few weeks every time I’ve watched The View I’ve been thinking, “You know, she’s GOT to be,” and sure enough, I was right. Go me! It happens so rarely, I feel the need to make the most of it.

Speaking of pregnancy, a week from today I leave for New York, my last work trip before I settle home to nest and eat ice cream for the remainder of the summer. (I’ll be reading on May 9th, at the Barnes and Noble on East 86th street at 7pm, and no, this will not be last time I’ll plug this, sorry to say). So yesterday, because I was at the mall anyway treating myself to a bit of Sephora love as a reward for sending off my revised manuscript (new Stila lipstick and Laura Mercier eyeshadow, not that you asked) I went looking for something cute to buy to bring with me. I ended up at Banana Republic, where I tried on this gorgeous black silk kind-of-wraparound dress, which was in no way a maternity garment. But it was cute, and it fit (at least for now) and so I found myself in the dilemma: do I buy it anyway, knowing I’ll probably wear it this once, and then maybe not again until next spring? Or go for something more reasonable? I wish I could tell you that I passed and went and bought something with a sensible belly panel but…I didn’t. I bought it. Sure, I might have to contort myself to even get into it for the reading next week, but I don’t CARE. It’s my last reading for a long time! In New York! And that, my friends, is called justification. When it comes to clothes, I am a MASTER at it.

Meanwhile, I am all caught up on my TV shows and let me just say this: Grey’s Anatomy was so back in the game with last week’s episode. It was GREAT. I’ve said before here how I’ve felt like they were slipping a bit since the whole Meredith-almost-drowned thing, but this last one completely redeemed it for me. So, so good. Likewise, the Office was fantastic (when is it not, though?) and Veronica Mars returns tonight, after a brand new Gilmore. Tuesday nights are back! I am going to do my best to enjoy all this bounty of new May shows while it lasts, because soon we’ll be facing a LONG summer of reruns. But not yet. Not yet.

Of course, during the summer, I COULD busy myself watching season two of Beverly Hills, 90210, which comes on DVD today. Now, I am a huge 9er fan—it’s how I justify my continued interest in Tori Spelling, her husband Dean, and their new B & B, as documented in the compelling series Inn Love—but I am ashamed to admit that I am very confused about what season it was, exactly, when Brenda went to Paris and Dylan and Kelly got together. I thought it was season two, but looking at the eps list on Amazon now I’m not so sure. Then again, on this set you DO get the whole Emily Valentine saga, which is worth the price alone. Designer drugs with acronyms! Torched parade floats! Asymmetrical haircuts representing sexiness, then complete instability! Ah, good times.

Finally, that piece I linked to yesterday, in which I detailed how writing a novel pretty much makes me crazy, is now the featured blog on the MySpace books page. I am pleased by how many writers I know have written in to say they feel EXACTLY the same way, which makes me feel much less crazy. And you can’t ask for more than that on a Tuesday, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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