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So last week, my six year old nephew called up and asked me for a favor. (He loves making phone calls these days, and I love getting them. He went through a phase where he didn’t like the phone at all, but that has passed, and now he will talk your ear off. Clearly, we share these genes.) Anyway, his class was doing this Flat Stanley project. I’ve heard about these before, they’re based on a book, apparently, about a little boy who gets flattened somehow (obviously I have not heard ALL the details) and then has many adventures. The basic gist is that he would send us Flat Stanley, which we would then take around Chapel Hill with us, gathering photographic evidence of his travels. Last week, Stanley arrived.

Now, I was a bit stymied by this assignment. I mean, it’s not like I live in New York and could take him to the Empire State Building, or LA and have him pose in front of the Hollywood sign. So in the end, we just took him with us to a few things that we love about Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and NC in general. Like, say, the barbecue:

(That’s at The Barbecue Joint on Weaver Dairy Road, where the cornbread is OUT OF THIS WORLD, fyi.)

Then we took him up to Carrboro to drop in and visit Robert and Paulie at their place of work: (sorry for the blurriness, although it does give a certain atmospheric quality, right?)

This picture, where Stanley was checking out the tattoo options, came out better, but I realized too late it’s not exactly appropriate for a first grade classroom:

While this one, at the place where we bought our fish, is more along those lines:

(NOTE: this is not my pond. Ours is much smaller. But we aspire to this, someday.)

All that’s left, I think, is a trip to the UNC campus to get a shot of Stanley by the Old Well and we’ll be all good. Plus, maybe, a UNC bumper sticker to send back as a souvenir. All in all, it’s been fun. The best part, though, was when walked into the tattoo place with Stanley, preparing myself to explain to Robert, the piercer, why I needed to take a snapshot. Before I could, he said, “Hey, Flat Stanley,” like they were old friends. Clearly I was not the first person to introduce Stanley to the world of body art. Still, it might not be the Empire State or Hollywood, but at least he got some barbecue. And cornbread. Can’t forget the cornbread!

Finally, I went to see In The Land of Women yesterday, and I really liked it. I had the entire theater to myself AND a big, fresh popcorn, so I probably could have watched anything and been happy, but I did really think this movie was good. It reminded me a lot of a novella, or a short story, actually, with not everything tied up all perfectly but still giving a sense of completeness and depth I haven’t seen in many movies lately. Plus, Adam Brody. I mean, hello. He’s better than cornbread!

have a good day, everyone!