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Regular readers of this page know I’m kind of an anxious person. And that being pregnant, this condition is, if anything, heightened. So the other day, when I went out to the bookstore to look for something to read, and what do I pick up? Lionels Shriver’s We Need To Talk about Kevin, which is a book about a woman who gets pregnant and then gives birth to a child who is pretty much evil who goes on to be a school shooter. Nice, right? Okay, so it DID freak me out, more than once, but at the same time I could NOT put it down. Especially coming in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, it’s a really relevant read, as well as one of those novels that makes me wish I belonged to a book club, if only because then I’d have someone to discuss it with. I stayed up late finishing it last night, then had bad dreams, but it was worth it.

In other news, tonight is the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy episode that is supposed to MAYBE be a spin-off vehicle for Addison, all about her leaving Seattle Grace. Let me say this: I love Addison as a character, and Kate Walsh is great but….I mean, don’t we have enough to keep up with on Grey’s already, without adding a whole new setting and new characters? I already feel like it’s hard for them to juggle everyone, and this just seems like it might make it that much more complicated. Sure, I like Taye Diggs and all, but I’d rather see more of Patrick Dempsey, since I’m already invested in McDreamy (and, you know, he’s not that bad to look at, either). Anyway, I guess we’ll just see how it goes. But in my mind, spinoffs often just dilute a show, and don’t strengthen it. Maybe I’m wrong?

Finally, I’ve been doing some tinkering with my MySpace page design, and I’m thinking about tackling this journal next. So if you see some weird stuff go up, then come down, don’t panic, it’s just me trying to figure out how to, you know, do that, using my method of trial and error, various levels of frustration, and banging my head on the keyboard. In the end, I’ll probably end up leaving it just as it is, especially if figuring out how to do my own template is too confusing. I really need to take an HTML course, I think. Maybe I can fit that in in the next few months, along with getting ready for the baby, and editing Lock and Key, and keeping all the other balls I’m always juggling high and bouncy in the air?

Sigh. Or maybe not.

have a good day, everyone!
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