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The Friday Five (Special Gilmore Girls Remembrance Edition!)

1. Okay, so I MIGHT have had a bit of a freakout yesterday when Courtney emailed me to let me know that GG had been canceled. It was so bad, in fact, that I termed it a Pee-Wee moment, i.e. when I was moved to open my mouth and scream in terror/grief, as he did in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure when he discovered his bike had been stolen. In fact, now that I think about it, it’s amazing how much of that movie (which I have seen a million times, easy) has seeped into my everyday life. I mean, it’s where I got my secret knock from, too. What? You don’t have a secret knock? Oh. Well, then, never mind.

2. Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore. Yes, last season was a little limp, but these last few eps were GREAT. And I hung on through ALL the later 90210 years, even after Brandon left and Steve actually settled down and HAD A CHILD (which is almost as crazy as me having one) so I would have stuck around until the bitter end of GG as well, you know it, and now the bitter end is…the week after next. I mean, HELLO? That’s not nearly enough time for the proper amount of nostalgia. What, I ask you, is the CW possibly going to put in its place? The Search for the next Danity Kane member? (Oh, wait, that group actually CAME from a reality show already.) I just can’t even believe it. There’s just nothing else to say.

3. If I do not stop eating Entenmann’s Chocolate Half-Rounds, I am going to be eight hundred million pounds by the end of the summer. Somebody stage an intervention or something, please! I will accept the help that is offered me, I swear I will. I know I have a problem.

4. There are now TWO tomatoes on my little tomato plant that I bought at Whole Foods. (Cute AND organic! Gotta love that.) I’m just a little too excited about this, I have to tell you. I have never had success with tomato plants (thanks to the deer, and the squirrels, and the bugs, the list goes on and on) so there’s a lot riding on these suckers. I check on them every day, a bit obsessively. But if they make it, I will be so, so happy. Probably too attached to actually EAT them, but happy just the same.

5. Okay, so maybe there is one other thing I can say about Gilmore. Like that I worship Amy Sherman-Palladino, and now will always wonder what she had planned for that last line, the one she always said she already had in mind. And that the writing was just so good, great at times. And Lauren Graham was amazing, and that Lorelei and Luke better end up together, and, and….okay. Enough. Let’s just leave it to the pros, shall we?

have a good weekend, everyone.
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