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The Friday Five! (Special Homecoming Edition!)

1. First off, a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out for my reading on Wednesday night. It was a great crowd, all the seats were taken, and I had a fabulous time meeting everyone. I could not have asked for better, no joke. For those of you who couldn’t make it, a couple of pictures. (And thanks to my cousin Anna, who took tons with my camera during the reading, thus making this documentation possible. I would have loved it if my face did not look QUITE so big, but I guess that’s what putting on ten pounds will do to you. Oh, well.)
Here’s one shot of me reading:

And another, where you can see the crowd, or some of it:

And finally, courtesy of my cousin Rachel, one of me being VERY happy to sit down afterwards (I am into sitting down these days!)

In the end, I did not end up wearing my new black dress but instead went with this pink and brown number, only because I found that everything else I’d been wearing up UNTIL that point was all black. What is it about New York that always makes me go so monochromatic? It’s a mystery.

2. Sadly, I did not see Diane Sawyer. Maybe next time. I did, however, bump into one of my former students completely by accident in Union Square, which was very exciting. Also in Union Square? The best blueberry muffins ever, courtesy of a farm stand during the Green Market. Oh, my goodness. I am STILL thinking about them. YUM!

3. The true tragedy of this trip, however—if there was one—is that I did not get to shop. AT ALL. I was so busy, and when not busy exhausted, that this was the first time I have EVER been to New York and not bought shoes, or a bag, or an outfit, or at least a lipstick. Normally, if I’m totally honest, I buy all three, and then some. In fact, the only thing I purchased other than food and drink was a copy of Marisha Pessl’s Special Topics in Calamity Physics—which I have been wanting to read FOREVER—that I bought this morning at the airport, and therefore it really doesn’t even count. Maybe this was a good thing, though, as the only store I got to go into was ABC Carpet and Home, this very swanky decor place that my agent insisted we pop into just to look at the baby clothes, which were BEYOND extravagant. They had little sundresses for babies for $275. Can you even imagine? And here I thought I was being so crazy buying onesies from Baby Gap instead of Target. I guess it’s all relative.

4. New York is always so much fun. I love the bustle and the people watching and the sense of being in the middle of everything, no matter where you go. At the same time, though, after a busy busy couple of days, I am always SO happy to come home. Sure, the pace is a lot slower. And I did pass three different kinds of roadkill on the last stretch to my house. But the fields are plowed, and in some places the corn already coming up, and everything is so green, and when I got out of my car instead of horns and the buzz of traffic I heard frogs, chirping from the pond. And as I write this, with all the windows open around me, all I hear is….silence. And a couple of birds. It might not be the center of the universe: just my universe. And it’s very, very nice.

5. Finally, last week I mentioned Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and how it is one of my favorite movies ever. I mean, what’s not to like? Pee Wee, Early Tim Burton, AND the girl from Valley Girl and Better Off Dead, plus some of the most quotable scenes ever. Like, say, this one:

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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