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How I spent my weekend: catching up on my TV, and freaking out about cribs.

First, the TV. How insane is it that, by the end of tomorrow night, Gilmore Girls will be over FOREVER? It’s just so bizarre. I think this effect is heightened by the fact that this last show didn’t at all FEEL like the next to last one, which makes sense because I’m assuming the writers didn’t know for sure it would be. I mean, remember when Friends went off the air? We had weeks of clip shows, nostalgia, Oprah appearances, and on and on. I know Gilmore doesn’t have the following Friends did, but would it KILL the CW to do a clip show for us, at least? Some kind of retrospective? This quick exit just seems kind of, well, quick. And dirty, like they’re just pushing it out the door, don’t let it hit you on the way out. Which is just plain sad.

As for Grey’s….I just don’t even know. I’m kind of over the melodrama, if I’m to be totally honest. I mean, when does Meredith go from being a narrator to a punching bag? She almost drowns, loses her mother, loses her OTHER mother, then her father slaps her across the face, then shows BACK up at the hospital to yell at her in front of everyone. I just feel like this show used to be more subtle, and now it’s just really heavyhanded, bang-you-over-the-head with the emotion. And no offense to Elizabeth Reaser, who I’m sure is a very good actress, but I am totally sick of the whole Ava Amnesiac plotline. Enough, already.

Okay, so I’m complaining way too much. Let me say, though, that I loved the Office this week (Go Pam! Go Pam!) although my Tivo cut it off before the very end, so I don’t know if anything happened after her big speech and she went to cool off her feet in the water. If it did, can someone enlighten me? Also, I thoroughly enjoyed Veronica Mars, although I am still adjusting to the new format as well as constantly worrying that it, too, is going to just vanish with no warning, which makes for nervous viewing. But what, you ask, will I do AFTER this week, when Gilmore is really over, and Grey’s finished for the summer? I have no idea. Although it will give me more time to obsess about buying a crib.

Yeah. Cribs. I had a bit of a meltdown in Babies R Us on Friday, when I hit the the point of Totally Overwhelmed, a place I have not visited this regularly since planning my wedding. The truth is I do not do well in situations where Very Important Decisions must be Made with Total Finality. Plainly put, I freak, my innate decisiveness merging with my worry about making the wrong choice, and the end result is…well, not pretty. I mean, it’s just a crib, right? But do you want a standard crib? Or a convertible one? Drop sides, or not? And how do you even know which ones will come out of the box pretty and which ones will be already scratched and dented and basically ruined? (Which, if you read the reader reviews online, is like, all of them.) With the wedding, it was things like cake style and what appetizers, and in the end, not that important. But that’s just one day! This is where my baby will SLEEP for YEARS. (Okay, two years. But still!) All I want is for someone to just point to one, say, “That’s the one you should get. You won’t regret it,” and I’d hand over my card, no worries. Or at least I like to think I would. The truth is, I would probably STILL have my doubts, because I am pretty much certifiable.


One thing I am incredibly decisive about these days: my chocolate. When I was in New York, I was given a box of Ice Cream Malt Ball Mix from Dylan’s Candy Bar, which I brought home with me and promptly devoured with my husband and a couple of friends. We have decided, without the aid of reader reviews or vast online comparisons, that these are the Best Malt Balls Ever, and therefore I am going to treat myself to a collection of a few boxes more. See that certainty? That assuredness? That’s what I’m shooting for across the board. It’s not going to be easy, I know. But maybe the chocolate will help me. Can’t hurt, at any rate.

have a good day, everyone!
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