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Okay, I’m out. The squirrels win.

All I wanted was ONE tomato plant. One plant, a couple of home grown tomatoes. Is that so much to ask? Apparently, around these parts, the answer is yes. It’s not enough that the squirrels basically LIVE in my garbage can, where they spend the days feasting on whatever we throw away—bon bons, tortilla chips, Bojangles fried chicken. When they are occasionally inspired to actually forage for their food like real squirrels, they climb over our deer netting and help themselves to the few peaches our peach trees FINALLY grew this year. With all this bounty, maybe it’s not so crazy that I thought my two little tomatoes , which I planted on the deck to keep them away from the deer, be safe. But, no. I went out yesterday, and one was down in the yard, a few nibbled pieces still on the deck. The remaining one was gone about an hour later. It’s just…it’s MEAN. They weren’t even ripe! And while I wish that this would fire me up, make me fight them that much harder, outwit, outlast, and all that, instead I just…I’m done. I just don’t have the energy anymore. Fine, fine, overrun the trash, eat the peaches, destroy my fresh BLT dreams. I just don’t care anymore.


In other news, tonight’s the night: the end of Gilmore. I have to admit sneaking a peek at a few articles about how the finale is bound to disappoint, which is almost as depressing as losing my tomatoes (not to be confused with losing my religion, although it is kind of close, I guess). Regardless of expectation, I will be planted on my couch tonight at 8, junk food assembled all around me. I would drink coffee, too, as an additional homage, but 1) I’m not drinking coffee since I got pregnant and 2) even when I DID, I couldn’t drink coffee at 8pm, unless I wanted to stay up all night. If I’d had more time to plan a Gilmore farewell party—like say, more than a couple of weeks—I could have gone back and watched some earlier eps, finding the various things Lorelei and Rory snacked on while watching THEIR favorite shows. Maybe I even would have gotten organized enough to make some tater tots with toothpicks in them, the fancy kind, which I remember from one show in particular. As it is, though, I’m just scrambling, so I’ll do my best. Stupid squirrels. They’ve made everything feel fruitless.

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING. For instance, in July, Just Listen is being released in the UK, where it’s already gotten some good reviews and good buzz, all very exciting. Now, because of the squirrel frustration, and the memory-sapping hormones of pregnancy, I can’t remember if I’ve already shared the UK cover. Here it is:

It’s cool, right? Retro and mod all at once. Anyway, from what I’ve heard, my UK publisher is planning a lot of cool stuff for the release, which I’ll keep you posted on as I hear about it, as long as the squirrels don’t manage to ruin that, too. With an ocean between us, though, I think it’s unlikely. Though not impossible. I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point.

have a good day, everyone!
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