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Not going to lie to you: I shed a few tears during the Gilmore finale last night. Was it perfect? No, but then nothing ever is. The line that really got me was at the end, when Rory told Lorelei, “You’ve given me everything I need.” Sob! Sniffle! My husband just rolled his eyes and said it had to be hormones, but I don’t think so. I mean, I had a lot invested in that show. Hours of DVD watching, faithful Tuesday nights for two years. And now…it’s over. If that’s not worth a little crying jag, I don’t know what is.

Oh, it just feels like EVERYTHING is ending, doesn’t it? Grey’s and The Office tomorrow night, Veronica Mars next week. Before we know it, it will be June, time is just flying. This morning, while I was walking on our road, I got my first true whiff of honeysuckle, which always means summer is almost here. When I was a kid, there was honeysuckle in our backyard, and I could smell it from my window: it always reminds me of home, of North Carolina, of summer. A couple of years back I was at an Anthropologie store in LA where they had that line of perfumes that smell exactly like real things—angel food cake, gin and tonic, etc—-and one of them was honeysuckle. I was doubtful, until I uncapped it, took a whiff and felt a pang of homesickness so strong it almost knocked me down. Just a perfume doesn’t do it justice though, really: you have to come across it accidentally to get the real impact, wafting through a car window or on the breeze. So, so nice.

Meanwhile, yesterday, this organization held a rally in Raleigh, which was covered on the local news. Looking at the website, though, I just wonder if this is a real thing, or some kind of super advertising campaign: I mean, it just seems a little flip to be serious. Plus all those ads for Asheville tourism on the same page make me wonder if maybe it’s not some clever way of making us all want to go to the mountains? Not that I’m against a five day weekend, per se. But it seems like if you ARE serious, wouldn’t it be better to shoot for, say, three days first? Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Finally, on the subject of babies, my neighbors are having one. Like, right now. Or maybe it’s already happened, I don’t know: we got a call last night, saying they were going to the hospital, and we’re on dog duty for them until further notice. VERY exciting, and I can’t help but think ahead a few months, when that will be us. YIKES! Still, there was something so exciting about being at their house this morning, everything so quiet except for me and the dog, knowing that once they return, their entire world will already be different. There was a great sense of expectation, the best kind, something wonderful coming, and soon. Maybe the dog couldn’t feel it. But I could.

have a good day, everyone!
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