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We interrupt this vacation to say: no, no, no! When someone left this news on the blog yesterday, and I checked in via my cellphone, I didn’t want to believe it. In fact, I REFUSED to believe it until I saw it on the Ausiello Report. I swear, it’s like the CW hates me, or something. Two of my VERY favorite shows, both yanked after their last eps are taped, with little or no time to mourn or prepare. Last Tuesday, I said goodbye to Gilmore Girls: this coming, it’s adios Veronica. At least she gets two hours, though. Although it is little comfort, at this point.


I think the only way to comfort myself, other than grumbling and sniffling and moaning, is to go shoe shopping. Yesterday, as we were walking to meet friends for dinner, the strap of one of my favorite Steve Madden wedges snapped. It had actually been just barely hanging on for awhile, to the point that wearing them had become an exercise in optimism, and in New York I’d carried my flip flops around with me, just in case. But, um, not last night. Which meant my husband had to take my broken shoes, go BACK to the hotel and retrieve my Havianas while I stayed put and waited. I felt like kind of a spectacle, to be honest: almost six months pregnant and barefoot, parked on a bench in the middle of a downtown block. I have bad luck with shoes and traveling, though (see losing one beloved Haviana flip flop in a sand dune last fall) so maybe I should be used to this. Losing Veronica AND one favorite wedge in the same day, though? That’s just low. I blame the CW, personally.

*grumble again*

All right, back to leisure. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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