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It’s ba-acck.

The first three months I was pregnant, when I was still keeping it under wraps, I was lucky enough to not have morning sickness. I had a few queasy moments, but nothing too drastic, and I’d heard enough horror stores about continuous vomiting (morning, noon AND night) to be VERY grateful for this. What I did have, though, was the tiredness. And this isn’t any ordinary fatigue: it’s positively narcotic. Like, getting up in the morning, making the bed, and then being so exhausted from making the bed that you promptly have to get back into it. That kind of tired. I remember I had one day when I got up and did a whole bunch of errands, running all over town, and when I got home I decided to windex the inside of my windshield, which was really smudged and dirty. I was sitting there, wiping at it, and I suddenly felt this wave of exhaustion so powerful that I had to sit back and…dozed off. Right there, in my driveway. In my car. I know! At least I wasn’t driving at the time, thank God. But it was just like that: you’re fine, you’re fine, and then…you’re asleep. There’s no gradual aspect for it, at least there wasn’t for me. I’d just hit a point where I was suddenly so exhausted that I literally thought I would cry if I couldn’t go lay down. Seriously.

Then, right when I was beginning to think there was NO way I’d survive nine months of this, it just…went away. Right around thirteen-fourteen weeks or so. Suddenly, I had energy. I could stay up past 9. I could even WRITE again, which was very good because I’d been so tired that I honestly thought I’d lost the ability entirely and I was going to have to go back to waitressing. I had energy again, and it was a great thing. In the last couple of weeks, though, I’ve felt the tiredness kind of creeping back. And this weekend, when we were in Asheville, it hit full force. I was sitting in Malaprops, the awesome independent bookstore there, after walking from my hotel and I literally was so wiped I wondered if I would be able to make it back. If my husband hadn’t showed up to get me, I would have cabbed it, no joke. And that’s only a couple of blocks! This does NOT bode well. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary thing, in waves, that can be abated with naps and early bedtimes. I can’t spend the whole summer like this, yawning on my feet at 6pm. Can I?


Anyway. The mountains were otherwise great, as was Asheville, which is one of my favorite places ever. I bought new shoes, ate cupcakes, saw old friends, and, yes, slept a lot in my hotel. Once home, I caught up on ALL my TV viewing (loved! loved! The Office, was pleasantly surprised by Grey’s) and am now bracing myself for round two of revisions on Lock and Key and the finale of Veronica Mars. Serious business both, and I’ll need all I have to get through them. In fact, I think I feel a nap coming on. What time is it?

*looks at watch*

Um. Too early, I guess. Oh, well….

have a good day, everyone!
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