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The Friday Five (Special Official Beginning of Summer Edition!)

1. Yes, so summer officially begins this weekend, with Memorial Day. Personally, I’m going to spend a lot of the weekend revising (such is life) but I also plan to make time for deviled egg preparation, a couple of cookouts, and some serious porch sitting with the dogs, just listening to the frogs chirp. I wish I was going to the beach, with the rest of the world, but that’s all right. This will be just fine too.

2. I’m watching GMA, and Fergie is the Friday concert guest. A few minutes ago, they came back from a commercial to show her performing, and when she was done, Robin Roberts said, “My! Fergalicious indeed!” which was just so dorky that I laughed out loud. It was almost as good as many years ago, when GMA came to UNC and did a story about Nascar, after which Diane Sawyer said, “Nascar! LOVE Nascar!” Somehow, I couldn’t picture her hanging out at Charlotte Motor Speedway with Junior, but you gotta love the effort anyway. Fergalicious, indeed!

3. I was informed yesterday by two people that I was featured on the Celebrity Baby Blog. Which is VERY flattering, although as I hardly consider myself a celebrity, I figure the definition must be pretty broad. Still, very nice. And at least my face doesn’t look too wide. I swear, it, too is VERY broad, and expanding by the day. Oh, well.

4. I wish I was excited about the movies that are coming out this summer. I mean, all these sequels: Shrek, Pirates, Spider Man, and yet I feel unenthused about all of them. The only preview I’ve seen lately that looks promising is for License to Wed, and that’s only because it’s got both Jon Krasinski from The Office AND Mandy Moore (and you know how I love Mandy Moore). I do think, though, that I’ll spend the entire movie expecting Jon Krasinski to look right at the camera in that Jim-esque way, which might be distracting. Still, at least it’s not a sequel, right?

5. Finally: summer. It’s my favorite season—as regular readers know—because there’s just so much potential. I mean, only three months, but it’s like the world just kind of relaxes, and anything is possible. Sure, there’s the heat. But also the beach and the pool. Long lazy days…but long, lazy days! Plus, July 4th, and ice cream, and sunscreen and watermelon and…well, you get the idea. And when it’s all said and done, come September, you always have at least one good story to tell. And that’s the best part of all.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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