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Good morning, and happy–

*looks at calendar*

Tuesday. This ALWAYS happens to me with a three day weekend: I’m totally a day off. I keep thinking it’s Monday. Or, um, Wednesday. I know, I know, I don’t get it either.

I did have a great Memorial Day weekend. Deviled eggs were involved (first of the season!) as well as cooking out with friends, lots of social activity, picking up the crib we finally decided on (which is in a box, unassembled, on my office floor, but I still feel a lot calmer, knowing at least we HAVE one now) and worrying over my husband, who went flying over his handlebars on a mountain bike ride on Saturday and either broke or just really damaged a rib. Like most of his other biking injuries (see jammed finger, weird squishy knee) there doesn’t seem to be anything you can DO for this rib thing, medical wise, other than wait for it to heal. Well, that and jump nervously each time he shifts position and gasps in pain, then, seeing my alarmed expression, says, “I’m fine, I’m fine.” As I’ve said before, I really wish he’d take up a safer hobby, especially with the baby coming, like, say, stamp collecting, or reading the dictionary. No luck on that front so far, though.

Also this weekend, I joined Facebook, although I am still in the very early phases of trying to figure it out. I never really bothered with Facebook before, as I thought it was strictly for college students, but people keep telling me otherwise, so I figured I’d check it out. So far it seems cleaner than MySpace, but a bit more complicated. Maybe that’s just me, though? I was pleased, however, to see that there were several fan clubs for my books, including one called Hate Spinnerbait with over 700 members (yikes!) as well as one called In High School, Sarah Dessen Was The Only One Who Understood Me. Seriously, so flattering. I joined the Spinnerbait one, even though I know that’s probably pathetic, joining your own group. But I couldn’t resist.

Finally, speaking of books, yesterday I finished Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which was quite a read. I can see why it’s gotten so much attention: the premise is really unique, and the style unlike anything I’ve seen before. That said, at times it was HARD for me to get through this book, if only because it WAS so intricately written (with lots of annotations and referrals to other books and works) and while there is a murder mystery involved, I sort of wished we got to it sooner. That said, once I hit the last hundred pages or so, I was riveted. It’s one of those books that makes me wish I was in a book club, because I wanted so badly to find out if other people had the same difficulties I did, or if I am (as is my usual presumption) just a moron. I would heartily recommend it, though, because like Franzen’s The Corrections at times you just find yourself going, “Wow,” amazed at how something is being done. And how often does THAT happen?

Okay, enough blathering on. Time to start my…Tuesday. Tuesday!
have a good day, everyone!
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