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So we’re back, after a lovely weekend that included one of the nicest weddings I’ve ever been to, no joke. The bride was beautiful, the fellowship immense, the reception one of the best I’ve ever been to. Plus there were mini ham biscuits AND spring rolls. I swear, since I can’t indulge in champagne at weddings anymore I now go straight to the food. I must have eaten my weight in ham biscuits. And lo, it was good.

I also did my reading without any problem, although I was ridiculously nervous, so much so that at one point, right before I had to go up, I reached over and grabbed my husband’s hand and he actually said, “Ewww.” So, yeah, a bit of the sweaty palm. And I was only reading, like, four lines! But all was well. I just love weddings, I really do. Especially when I don’t have to plan them. Once you’ve done that, you have a GREAT appreciation for weddings, and for being able to sit back and just enjoy it. It’s a good thing.

Meanwhile, this past weekend was BEA, the big bookseller convention, and I’ve been enjoying it vicariously via various blogs and news reports. Last year was my first trip to BEA, in D.C., and I had such a blast. The best part—other than the parties and the general chaos—was being able to meet so many authors at the autographing tables AND get signed copies of books. Perusing the BEA schedule, I saw that Megan McCafferty was going to be signing ARCs of the new Jessica Darling book. Hello! Why didn’t I know this? And BEG someone who WAS going to be there to try and score me one? SIGH. There were so many authors I would have gladly waited in LONG lines for—as I did for Jennifer Weiner last year, then embarrassed myself by basically shrieking when I met her—but oh, well. Maybe next year.

Speaking of missed opportunities, everything is in reruns now, which is maybe why I’m enjoying the return of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip so much. I know it’s been canceled, and who knows how many episodes they’re going to show before it just ends abruptly, but watching last week’s last night I just felt so sad it wasn’t going to be back. Okay, so it wasn’t perfect, but it was good, and now where am I going to get my Matthew Perry fix? Friends reruns can only do so much. Factor it in with the Sopranos, which ends NEXT WEEK, and there’s just too much finality. Honestly.

Oh, well. At least we have new books to look forward to. TV may end all at once, but literature just keeps going. Thank goodness!

have a good day, everyone!
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