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Quick entry today, as I’m running out the door for a hair appointment. Now, I have been warned to NOT do anything drastic to my hair while I’m pregnant. It’s, like, a serious rule, mentioned not only by several of my friends (who have horror stories to share about not following this advice) but also several books as well. Apparently, when your body is in flux, it’s a natural reaction to try to take control over SOMETHING, and for many people that translates to a new pixie cut or bangs. No, no NO! say the books and those in the know. Evidently, I not only cannot trust my emotions (I am a weepy, sentimental mess these days, or going from easygoing to full-on rage in a matter of moments) or my body (clothes that fit one day do not the next) but my fashion sense as well. Good to know, I guess. The truth is, I have NEVER been someone who is bold enough to just run out and get a pixie cut or bangs on a whim, and even if I was, my friend Lars, who cuts my hair, wouldn’t do it. (This is the problem with knowing someone since second grade. They can be really stubborn with you, and you have no room to argue. I am in the same boat with my mechanic, who I’ve known since I was 15 and is always telling me I need to trade in my car. I guess this doesn’t happen to people who move away from their hometowns, but oh, well.) So it’ll be the same boring trim for me as always, I guess, but this time at least I can tell myself I’m being sensible, not cowardly. And that, I like.

In other news, I’ve made a point lately to stay away from both Google and Technorati searches of myself and my books (see weepy, sentimental mess, above) but yesterday, browsing for something else, I came across this video. Apparently whoever made it did it for a science project of some sort, which I don’t exactly understand, but I thought it was really sweet, actually. And Hillary Duff, in a dual role! You gotta love that kind of casting.

have a good day, everyone!