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37 Things I Am Grateful For, On This, the First Day of My 37th year

1. My husband. God bless ’em, he puts up with a lot.
2. My family. Close, extended, cousins galore, I love you all.
3. My dogs (one of whom I am playing one handed tug with right now, making typing this difficult, if not impossible).
4. My friends. Who also put up with a lot, but don’t ask me to tug. At least not that often.
5. Babies. I’m especially partial to the one that’s kicking me, right now.
6. Birthday cake. Which I intend to consume a GREAT deal of, starting today and ending…when? Who knows?
7. Fish! Especially the ones in my pond, who are somehow managing to evade both hawks and owls as well as the elements. Brave souls, they are.
8. The Office, which brings me such great happiness, even in reruns.
9. US Weekly. Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure just the same.
10. Summertime. Because it’s finally here, and the heat provides a constant excuse to eat…
11. Ice cream. Preferably with hot fudge sauce, but plain works too. Oh, on a brownie is nice, as well. Okay. Now I’m hungry. See how that happens?
12. Luke Perry. Who is returning to TV in a new HBO show next week. Yesss!
13. Entourage. Which had a season finale on Sunday, and returns with a new season in two weeks. THAT’S how you do a hiatus! I love it.
14. Megan McCafferty, who is sending me an ARC of Fourth Comings because she is AWESOME. (And because I, um, kind of begged for it. In public. I couldn’t help myself!)
15. Sephora. And, in a related note, my friend Dana, who gave me a gift card for there for my birthday. Stila lip gloss, here I come!
16. Naps. If only there was a way to bank them for the fall, when I have a feeling they will be in short supply. Sigh.
17. Watermelon. If you can be addicted to a fruit, this is my total downfall.
18. My new Chacos flip flops, which have reduced my aching feet to…well, just feet. They are a godsend.
19. Deviled eggs. No explanation needed: they make the list every year.
20. Cape Cod. Even if I won’t make it there this summer—my first in YEARS—I will be there in spirit. Sob!
21. Being sorta-almost-close-to-being done with revisions. Thank God! Say it with me: EXHALE.
22. Diane Sawyer. Have I mentioned that I worship her? Who else can go from reporting on Pakistan to a segment on stilettos without even breaking a sweat? Yeah, that’s right. No one.
23. Anne Tyler. Her books leave me in awe. There’s just no other way to put it.
24. Pedicures. Because your feet can always look cute, no matter what the state of the rest of you.
25. Mexican food. You’d think eating it seven days a week for eight years would make me sick of it. You would be wrong. Bring on the guacamole!
26. The beach. Another place I won’t make this year, most likely, and will miss VERY much. Maybe I can just drive down for the day and a shrimp burger? Hmmm….
27. Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars on DVD. Who needs the CW? Here at home, we’ll always have Stars Hollow and Neptune. Thank Goodness.
28. Rosie O’Donnell. Love her or hate her, she is what she is, and I cannot wait to see what she does next.
29. Zinnias. Especially the ones that look like they MIGHT actually bloom in my yard, barring destruction by squirrels/deer/hawks/owls/various other yard menaces.
30. Facebook. Those of you who said I’d get addicted….well, you were right. I should have known better!
31. Pimento Cheese. See deviled eggs, always making list, above.
32. Birthdays. Which give you the much needed opportunity to realize how many things you are actually grateful for, something I should do the other 364 days of the year.
33. Movies. Last night, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was on HBO, and I got totally sucked in. What would I DO without films like this? “Meet me in Montauk.” Siiiigh.
34. Cheerios. I have never been that much of a cereal person, but now I cannot live without a couple of bowls of these a day. What can I say, the baby likes oats.
35. Walking on my very quiet road at 7am, the morning after a big thunderstorm. Still cool, everything a little drippy, the sun slanting through the trees, plus the smell of honeysuckle. Just about perfect.
36. Being DONE with said walk by 7:30, and therefore getting to be guilt-free about the abundance of cupcakes I intend to consume before the day is over.
37. YOU. All of you who read this page, and leave comments and answer my stupid questions and support my novels. I look forward to catching up with you every day, and appreciate all you do so much. Thanks for another great year.

have a good day, everyone!
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