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How much do I love that? So, so much. Thank you SO much to the person who posted in on the blog yesterday, it made my day. I don’t know where that picture of me is from, but don’t I LOOK so entirely excited, as if I AM really with Luke Perry? It’s uncanny. So great.

Thanks to EVERYONE who left me birthday messages, you guys are the best. I had a great day, with lots of cake, and eating—one of my favorite restaurants for lunch, the other for dinner–as well as spending time with my favorite people. As an added bonus, my mom bought me both The Office Season One AND One Day At a Time Season One on DVD. So last night, on the couch after dinner, I sat down to watch a little One Day At A Time, totally loving the seventies-era clothing and hairstyles (some of the dresses, actually, looked like they’d be right back in fashion now, fully vintage, which was kind of bizarre). Anyway so there I am, watching Ann Romano, “liberated woman,” discussing her life post divorce, and at one point she says, “I mean, I’m 34!”

…and my heart just stopped, right in my chest. 34? So this woman, who I always saw as a total mom figure, is actually supposed to be three years younger than me? Yikes. I think the earth actually opened up and swallowed a bit of me, right there. Man. It’s a good thing I was so fortified with sugar from dessert, or I might not even have recovered.

Oh, who cares. The truth is, I wouldn’t want to be ANY other age than the one I am right now, even if I do have the occasional heart stopping moment, like the one above. Sure, having my twenty-two year old butt might be nice, but I’d have to have my twenty-two year old mentality too, and I was a MESS then, so no thanks. (Now, if you could just pick and choose, get the confidence of my thirties WITH that twenty-something butt, that would be great. But I have a feeling it wouldn’t work like that, if it worked like that at all.) My twenties were all about finding my way: making mistakes, often big ones, learning everything the hard way. When I hit thirty, though, something shifted: it was like I finally just GOT IT, and was able to look at certain situations and think, “Oh, right, this is just like when THAT happened,” and act accordingly, saving myself so much drama and time. (Not to say I don’t still have the occasional drama, but it’s much reduced.) So, yeah. 37 is all good. Even if I do have three years on Ann Romano, I’ll take it.

Thanks again, and have a good day, everyone!
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