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The Friday Five! (Special Red Hot Summer Edition!)

1. It’s supposed to be close to a hundred degrees here this weekend, counting the heat index. Add in the humidity, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for serious sweltering, as well as the fastest way to gain an appreciation to air conditioning known to man. Personally, I know I can’t complain about the heat, as I spend most of the year waiting for summer to get here, so you won’t hear a peep from me. Slap on the deodorant, put the iced tea in the fridge. Here we go!

2. Is there anything better in the world, really, than a brand new Shu Uemura eyelash curler? Okay, probably there is. But it’s still an AWFULLY nice thing, as is the trip to Sephora to purchase it. (Where I, um, also bought yet another lip gloss, some tinted moisturizer, and mascara. It’s like Whole Foods there. You can’t just go in for one thing!)

3. I am trying SO HARD not to be the 1,344,967th person to weigh in on Paris Hilton’s quick release from jail after serving just a couple of days of a 23 day sentence. (Although I have to admit my mind literally BOGGLED when it was covered on NPR this morning. What’s that all about?) Anyway, I know she was probably really scared, and stressed, and that does qualify as a “mental issue,” but what about everyone else in there? Are we to assume they’re all just smiling and loving it? I don’t think so. Oh, God. That’s six sentences too many on the subject.

4. A plastic owl, positioned by your pond, is supposed to scare hawks away from eating your fish. But what if the owls are eating them, too? If you put a plastic owl, will it frighten its brethren, or only make them more likely to swoop by, thinking there’s some kind of happening, you know, happening? Another solution, apparently: a plastic alligator head, left to float, scares EVERYTHING. Except maybe other alligators. God, that is JUST what I need. If an alligator shows up, I’m out. You read it here first.

5. As I said, I’m not complaining about the heat. But if the mercury is supposed to rise where YOU are this weekend, here’s another way to cool off. With a song!

have a good weekend, everyone!
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