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Let me preface this by saying that I know I’m SUPPOSED to be staying off online news sites, as part of my ongoing efforts to Be More Calm and Zen-Like and Not Produce A More Nervous Child Than Necessary. However, this is proving harder than you’d think, especially considering I’m pretty much addicted to I check it off and on all day, like a reflex, to keep up with the big stuff, but also because when they are low on huge news—or think they are—they pick the most random things to put on the top stories of their website. Like this gem from yesterday, which proclaimed—only just below Middle East updates—that Kelly Clarkson has never been in love. Stop the presses! Sound the alerts! I mean, honestly. I especially like how at the top they do a breakdown of the article itself, in bullet points, in case you’re too busy (maybe reading about other celebs who are love starved?) to read the whole thing. Then, this morning, we learned that The Croc Hunter’s Daughter Met the Dali Lama. Okay, so this does involve the Dali Lama, so maybe it’s a bit more newsworthy than Kelly’s lack of love. But still. On other other hand, this prompts that age-old question: what’s worse, that this is considered news, or that I read it? I’m not sure I want to know the answer.

Meanwhile, I am on a serious book buying binge. I can’t stop myself! Right now, I’m in the midst of Megan McCafferty’s latest, Fourth Comings, which comes out in August and is FANTASTIC, maybe the best yet in the series. Then I still have Tom Perotta’s Election to read, as well as Marian Keyes’ latest, Rachel’s Holiday. Also, I was sent the new novel by Ann Brasheres (of the Traveling Pants series) which is not YA but still looks fab, and I have on deck Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck, which is supposed to be hysterical, as well as Rebecca Walker’s Baby Love, which I got sucked into standing at the bookstore and bought even though I was way over my limit, as you can see by the list above. Add in the fact that thanks to an Amazon gift certficate I received for my birthday I still have coming the new book from the girls who wrote the Nanny Diaries, Dedication, as well as as a debut novel I’ve heard raves about, I Love You Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle. Oh, and, um, a bunch of books on childbirth and childrearing I’m SUPPOSED to be reading attentively, but am not…as I am too busy going onto CNN and catching the latest on Kelly Clarkson. Clearly, there’s an imbalance here, and I need to correct it. Something else to work on this summer…

have a good day, everyone!
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