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The Friday Five! (Special Father’s Day Weekend Edition!)

1. Yep, Sunday is the say that we honor dads, which is a great thing. My own dad is the very epitome of low-key, the kind of person who probably wouldn’t even notice Father’s Day if we didn’t make a point of making plans each year and pretty much forcing him to be involved. So he’s not into pomp and circumstance, but he is a GREAT dad. He taught me to love reading, and UNC basketball, and while I do novels and he does scholarly work, we’ve always had the common ground of writing to both bond over and commiserate about. When I had just finished Just Listen and was completely exhausted and going out of my mind, not sure I even wanted to send it to my agent because I thought it wasn’t good enough, I called my parents in total breakdown mode. My mom, the minute she heard the hysteria in my voice, said “I’m putting your father on the phone!” And then, there he was, calm and level, telling me to just send it. And I am so glad I did. Thanks, Dad!

2. On a related note, a lot of people have been asking if I’m buying my husband a Father’s Day gift, and the truth is…I hadn’t planned to. Maybe I’m being superstitious, but until the baby is here there are things I’m just kind of holding off on, and this is one of them. On Mother’s Day, I remember I was at Whole Foods and the cashier said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” I must have looked confused, because she said, “Oh, you’re a mom the minute you get pregnant,” which I guess is technically true. But I’m still wary. Why is that?

3. Yesterday, we went to look at buying a car. Now, I love my car: it’s a Honda, it runs great, it’s the first new car I ever bought. But people keep telling us that we’re going to need a hatchback, a more “family friendly” car (which I am not entirely convinced of, if I’m to be totally honest) so we’ve been kind of shopping around. We found this used Audi wagon that we liked, so we hiked over to Raleigh to check it out. Same year as my car, i.e. not brand new, and while it had a lot of nice options it was…dirty. And the center console was broken when we got in it, just hanging loose. Plus, there was dog hair all in it. Which is fine if it’s just your car, but not what you expect when you’re at a dealership, right? Moreover, they weren’t willing to come down on the price hardly at all. When we pointed out it was in less than great condition, they said, “Well, we’re going to fix the center console for you.” Like they were going to sell it to us busted otherwise? Anyway, bottom line is, we walked. And I’m so glad, have no regrets. I know it’s terrible to say, but I HATE the whole car dealership experience (if you doubt it, go read the beginning of This Lullaby, which I wrote after I bought my first car). You know how sometimes, you feel really torn about a decision, but others, you just know in your gut, like someone is sitting on your shoulder saying DON’T DO IT, NO NO NO! That was what I heard yesterday. Thank God.

4. I have been hearing NOTHING but great things about the movie Waitress, which I am really hoping is still playing around here this weekend. They say it has pregnancy AND pie in it, as well as the opportunity for a good sob at the end, which I think I need (although I am prone to tears at any moment these days, it’s so embarrassing). It’s nice to have a movie that I’m actually looking FORWARD to, you know?

5. Finally, speaking of fatherhood, I know this clip is a little long, but I couldn’t resist. Maybe not the best example of family life, but a great one nonetheless.

have a good day, everyone!
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