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I’ve been taking this Omega-3 supplement for months now, as I don’t eat a lot of fish and you’re supposed to get your 3s when you’re pregnant. Normally, it’s no big deal, just popping a pill right after the vitamin, but this latest bottle, suddenly, is SO FREAKING STINKY. Maybe one of the capsules broke in it, or something, but every time I try to take one, even if I do it super fast, it’s like having a dead fish in my mouth. ACK! Nothing like gagging first thing in the am. Good morning!

Meanwhile, a question to you, the experts on just about everything. My husband has some bike parts he needs to sell online, and to do so apparently means we have to set up a PayPal account. Now, I’m suspicious of PayPal, I don’t know why. I just remember hearing that it’s not that reliable, and I’m not exactly clear on how you get the money out, or if you just have to keep it there for other online stuff. Is this really the best way to do transactions online? Does anyone have an opinion one way or another? Any enlightenment would be most welcome.

I had a very mellow weekend, peppered with bursts of great productivity as we embarked on the major project of getting our upstairs ready for the baby. We’re moving the guestroom, setting up a nursery, and trying to get my office—which becomes a total wreck when I’m working on a book, as I have been for the last year or so—in some kind of order. All of this is complicated enough, but even more so because we already have a lot of things (crib, bureau, swing, bouncy seat, car seat) piled up there, waiting to be put in its proper place. It’s odd to have so much gear, but no baby yet: it’s like someone’s coming to visit, but they’ve sent all their stuff ahead. Yesterday I filled up four bags with stuff to take to the thrift shop, and it’s just the beginning: out with the old, in with the new. I remember when we moved into this house nine years ago from our tiny farmhouse in Durham, how it was just so huge and vast. We didn’t even have a closet in that house, and here we had SO MUCH SPACE. Now all those spaces are full, and I’m having to flush them out and get ready for this, the next big life change. Funny how a house evolves, all around you, sometimes without you even realizing. I know that a few months from now, having a baby swing in plain sight will be something I don’t even notice. But now, it’s like all those closets were all those years ago: just kind of mindboggling.

Also weird: why is it that even though I brushed my teeth AND drank a bunch of water, I swear I can still taste fish. Ugh. Back to the Colgate…

have a good day, everyone!
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