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Today is the official first day of summer. It is also the longest day of the year, which makes me wonder if, with all that extra time, there are certain things you might want to avoid doing, as they may feel like they are taking FOREVER. Such as:

1. Going to the post office and buying stamps.
2. Calling tech support.
3. Going to the DMV for, um, anything.
4. Having lunch with that friend of yours who just talks and talks and talks and yet never seems to say anything.
5. Paying your taxes.

Just a few suggestions. I’m not trying to be negative, I promise! And in the interest of balance, a few ideas of things you might WANT to do, because they’ll feel like they’re lasting longer than usual today:

1. Sleep. (Ah, the drug of drugs. How I love it.)
2. Eat ice cream. (See yesterday’s entry. Cold Stone, here I come!)
3. Read a good book.
4. Sleep some more.
5. Call that friend of yours who you never get to talk to enough, who you miss a lot, whose voice cheers you up just by hearing it. (Hi, Bianca!)

Funny how the good stuff is so much easier to think of, isn’t it? Or maybe that’s not funny, and more just the way it SHOULD be. It’s always better when you go more easily positive than negative. Despite the bad days, the truth is there is a lot more good than bad in the world. And thank goodness for that.

Finally, an acknowledgment: you guys were right. Again. I’ve been Tivoing reruns of Friday Night Lights, which I never got around to watching this year, and in the last few days I’ve watched three episodes, and I’m already hooked. What a GREAT show. It is just what I need to get through the summer, something to look forward to every week. (I know, I could watch the eps on the NBC website, but I hate watching TV on my computer, I don’t know why.) Anyway, one more good thing in the world. You gotta love that, right?

Summer hits at 2:06 EST today. What will YOU be doing?

have a good day, everyone!