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The Friday Five (special Summer Solstice edition!)

1. I am so into Cheerios right now, it’s a little bit scary. Pre-pregnancy, I was not much of a cereal person at all, but now I wake up thinking about Cheerios, and have another bowl before I go to sleep at night. Adding bananas only makes me want them more. Will this trend continue once the baby is here? Something tells me no, but stay tuned to find out.

2. I cannot seem to stop watching disturbing things, even as I endeavor to make my world a stress-free, totally-in-denial-about-world-events place. Last night I watched the documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders of Robin Hood Hills, which for some reason I’d been compelled to order from Netflix (I think someone on my friends list was talking about it: sarazarr, maybe?) Anyway, I’d seen it before, years ago, and it was very compelling, but HONESTLY, not exactly what I should be taking in right now. This weekend, it’s all chick flicks and pleasant viewing, I swear. Unless I end up ordering the sequel documentary, which continues the story, and then AFTER that it’s nothing but happy, happy, happy. I promise!

3. Speaking of easy viewing, I saw in EW that Silver Spoons is now out on DVD. Does it surprise ANYONE that I used to watch this show? Well, I did. In fact, in high school, I had a block of shows I watched every evening after dinner. Silver Spoons first, then an episode of Facts of Life, followed by Gimme a Break, followed by another episode of Facts of Life. I should be incredibly embarrassed to admit this, but I am not. It is simply The Truth. It’s also how I ended up seeing EVERY episode of Facts of Life, even the very last ones, when the girls were, like, in their thirties and Ms. Garrett was long gone. Further embarrassing story: when I was in Toronto, on the How to Deal set, I actually told Mackenzie Astin, who played Lewis, of my FOL obsession, and how I used to watch him on the show. (He played the little orphan kid, Andy, who hung out with George Clooney’s character, George, when he was on the show. Yes, THAT George Clooney. I know, I know!) Anyway, he was very nice about my total geekiness, but I could tell by his reaction that not that many people actually ever mentioned this particular credit to him. So maybe I was the only one watching. Now THAT’S embarrassing.

4. We now have four baby fish in our pond. Yay for the circle of life! Of course, we also lost a fish the other day, a silver koi which had gotten injured, then floated around looking pathetic for a few days before going belly up. Very traumatic, but I am hormonal. On the flip side, through, the babies: one we first saw a few months back, who we’ve christened Big Baby; two that showed up about a month ago, called the Little Babies, and then one VERY tiny one we hardly ever see I have christened The Pequeno. Every night I go out and check on them, do a head count, and then count my blessings when they are all there. I am realizing that I can’t ask for a guarantee of safety for everything, forever, so I have to take these little assurances when I can. One, two, three, four. It’s enough.

5. Okay, so I can’t resist. I mean, I’ve already dug the shame hole deep: might as well leap in.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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