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Yesterday, in the afternoon, my dogs started barking hysterically. I could tell immediately this was actually an alert that someone was here, rather than the barking that occurs when they see a squirrel or maybe a large bird go by. (The difference is in the sudden nature of the yelping, as well as its ongoing nature.) Anyway, I looked outside and a woman was walking up to the house with a big gift basket, a balloon with a baby attached to the top of it. Needless to say, I was excited, and then even MORE so, when I saw that it was one of those edible arrangement things, fruit cut to look like flowers. (I know it sounds weird, but it’s actually really cool: see?) Anyway, so I opened the door, totally pumped and…it wasn’t for us. It was for some neighbors down the street who just had a baby, and they weren’t home, so the delivery person was hoping we could store it in our fridge until they were. So, it’s in there. Gorgeous, full of the fruit I am craving MOST right now—canteloupe, watermelon, berries—and I can’t even touch it. It’s torture! I may just have to double up on the ice cream to compensate. (Or, not: my glucose test is on Friday. I am supposed to be sticking to protein. But there’s protein in ice cream, right? Oh, don’t even answer that.)

In other news, sharp-eyed and devoted readers have found that there is now an page for Lock and Key. So far, it doesn’t have much on it, but someone wrote in wondering if the reading level stated (ages 9-12) is correct. Nope. Lock and Key is a YA book, just like all the my others, which is technically 12 and up. My only explanation is that the page is so new that they just plug some info in, to be changed/edited later. Also subject to change (if past experience is any indication) is the release date, which is now stated at April 22nd. More often than not, that will get shifted, moved up or back, although I have been told April, so it should still be in that ballpark. As far as a cover goes, there is one, but it’s still in the development phase, so I am not allowed to share it yet. I promise to tell you as soon as it goes up on that page, or anywhere else (that is, if these same devoted readers don’t beat me to it. Which would be fine, it’s very flattering!). At any rate, all very excting. A few months back I was still up in my office, agonizing whether I would EVER finish this book, much less if anyone would want to read it. This just makes it that much more real, always a good thing.

Finally, I can’t say it enough: Friday Night Lights ROCKS. I am now watching it on the NBC website, an episode a night or so, when I’m too tired to stand up anymore. (Lately, this happens around 5pm: I just have to sit down and put my feet up, the baby insists.) It is so, so, good and I am completely addicted. I am trying to pace myself, only one ep at a time, to make it last, but it is HARD. Kind of like avoiding that fruit basket. I am being TESTED, people. Let’s hope I pass…

have a good day, everyone!
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