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The thing about the Fourth of July being on a Wednesday is it makes the whole week kind of weird. I mean, do you just take the day, and then Thursday and Friday, or just go for it and take the whole week off? As much as I know most people will have to work on Monday and Tuesday, something tells me that things are going to get pretty quiet after tomorrow. Fewer emails and phone calls, a lot of autoresponses. Not that I’m complaining, of course. Being self employed means always struggling with the issue of When To Take Time Off, so I tend to follow the trends. If it means a whole week off, well, so be it. I’ll suffer!

Meanwhile, a few updates, for regular readers. First: my neighbors came and picked up their fruit, and I was really glad I managed NOT to sneak any of it because they were so nice I would have felt terrible if I had. Another plus? Having to store a huge fruit-as-flower arrangement forced me to do a serious cleaning out of my fridge, something that was long overdue. I mean, how many half-full bottles of salad dressing does one household need? Plus, there’s something very calming about having a neat fridge. When I open the door, no matter what my mental state, and see everything lined up and orderly (at least for the time being) I swear, it’s better than therapy. We’ll see how long it lasts. Probably until I buy more salad dressing.

Also, we now have even MORE fish in our pond, a total population explosion. At last count, we now had something like nine babies, up from four, which was up from two just a couple of weeks earlier. Now, I know nothing about the procreation habits of fish, but this seems kind of extreme, and we’re not sure how to explain it. All I can say is that after having hawks and owls pick off my fish on a regular basis, seeing the numbers go the other way is somewhat reassuring. Plus, they’re cute. And who would have ever thought I’d say that about a fish?

Finally, a moment for the demise of Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, which runs its final episode tonight. I was so excited about this show when it started back in the fall, and we stuck with it, even when it got kind of weird with the love stories and then disappeared entirely until a few weeks ago. Still, it’s well written and has Matthew Perry and there’s NOTHING on right now so I wish it could just keep going. But no, it’s going, just like—it seems—all the other shows I love. This has been hard year that way, between Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls and the Sopranos. But when things end, you just have to believe a space is created for even better beginnings. I mean, look at the pond, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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