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So on Friday, I got a new car. So exciting. I drove it around all weekend, breathing in that new-car smell, loving how everything was not scratched and the floormats were sparkly clean, all that good stuff. And then, today….I had to take it back to the dealership and drop it off, because the antenna was busted and has to be replaced. Crazy, yes? You’d think this was something that might be checked BEFORE I signed all the papers, gave them money and drove off, but apparently not. They gave me a loaner and everything, but still, it’s a little embarrassing. Like I know I’m going to see one of my friends, who will say, “Hey, how’s the new car?” and have to explain why I’m not exactly driving it. But oh, well.

I’m trying to look at it with what I call the Garp approach. Remember in the movie of The World According to Garp, when they’re househunting and they find this house they like but they can’t decide upon, and then, as they’re standing in the driveway, a plane flies into the side of it? And Garp says, “We’ll take it. We’ll be safe here!” I think maybe there’s something to be said, with major life purchases, if something is a little jankey in the first few days. (Not that a plane flying into your house is a LITTLE jankey, but you get the idea.) Like if something IS going to be off, better go ahead and get it out the way early on, so it’s behind you. I used this same argument when, at our housewarming party for our brand new home we’d just built, my husband’s grandfather fell down, busting his glasses, which then cut his face and made him bleed all over the place, scaring us all to death. (He was okay, thank goodness.) Not exactly the way you’d choose to open your home up to your friends and family, but again, I figured I had a choice. It’s all in how you look at it, right? Or so I’ll tell myself, as I drive my loaner around, and hope I don’t have to explain why too many times.

In other news, blogging will be sporadic this week, as I figure hardly anyone’s reading anyway due to the holiday. If you ARE, though, thank you for hearing me out. As always, I appreciate it.

Have a good day, everyone!
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