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Two things before I officially go into holiday mode:

1. Yesterday, I used the word jankey in my entry. I think it’s the first time, even though I have been using it in conversation for awhile now. sdn wrote in to say she’d never heard it before, and that it was useful, and I have to agree. But be warned: this is an addictive word. You start saying it—and it means broken, or messed up, fyi—and you will not be able to stop. I have my husband to thank for my addiction, because I heard him use it one day. When I asked him where HE’D heard it, he said, “Tori Spelling.” Which made me do a total triple take. (Wouldn’t you?) Anyway, apparently he heard her say it on Tori and Dean: Inn Love (God help us both that we watch that, I know, I know) and hence, jankey entered our vocabulary. The great thing about it is that it’s a word you can pretty much figure out from the context. For example, when we went to test drive this used Audi, they pulled it up for us and the center console was broken, one armrest all scratched up. Later, the salesman was refusing to come down on the price at all, despite these things, and my husband said, “I mean, we like the car, but it’s jankey.” And the guy said, “Okay, I know. But it’s STILL a good deal.” (Which, FYI, it was not. That is why I’m now driving an Acura instead.) Now, maybe this guy watches Inn Love too, or has heard the word elsewhere. But something tells me no. Anyway, consider yourself warned.

2. On Sunday, I FINALLY went to see Waitress, and it was really good. I recommend it, with one caveat: you WILL want pie once it is done. Not only will you want it, you will be powerless to stop yourself from going to purchase, say, a Cyrus O’Leary Chocolate Cream Pie, which you will then want to devour in one sitting. Also, if you are pregnant (and even if you are not) it WILL get you all choked up. So, pie and crying. Sounds like a good afternoon to me, but maybe not everyone would agree. Again: you’ve been warned.

I hope you all have a great Fourth. Have a good day, everyone!
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