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We interrupt your fireworks watching, application of sunscreen and eating of ice cream for this quick announcement:

Today is the official pub date of Just Listen in the UK!

*throws confetti*

So check your local bookstore, or visit the Amazon page here. Also, if you’re on Facebook, check out the group Just Listen by Sarah Dessen for more info and to chat with other fans. The book got a nice mention the Daily Mail a couple of days back, and has also been chosen by Waterstone’s as a Book of the Month, which is all very exciting. (Being featured at Waterstone’s has also impressed my parents, who are kind of Anglophiles, and that’s ALWAYS a good thing, right? Especially with all I put them through when I was in high school. But that is another story. Or, many stories.)

Anyway. Back to the long weekend. So far, I’ve spent mine watching Friday Night Lights, reading magazines, hanging out with good friends and eating Red Velvet cupcakes. Nice, right? And we still have three days left!

have a good day, everyone!
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