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So, yes. A lovely holiday weekend, notable for many things, but especially these red velvet cupcakes, which were to DIE FOR. They were made by my friend Kim’s company, bittycakes, and if you’re from these parts, I urge you to go down to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoons to get one for yourself. Unless she has red velvet, in which case you’ll have to fight me for them. Just so you know.

Meanwhile, my long weekend was full of friends and fellowship, as well as the Tour de France, which began on Saturday. Watching the Tour has become a rite of summer passage for us, although I am the first to admit that cycling itself does not really interest me that much. (My married girl crush on Lance Armstrong notwithstanding.) Really, I’m just in it for the cheese and the wine (while I’m skipping the latter this year, obviously) as well as sitting around with my friends watching them freak out when someone attacks or the Peloton is making great time or whatever. It’s like when I was a football manager in middle school, even though I knew nothing about football. I just liked handing out Gatorade and cheering when everyone else did, even though I didn’t know a first down from an interception. Likewise with the Tour, although I have absorbed some information simply by osmosis. For instance, I know who Levi Leipheimer and George Hincapie are. Do you?

Of course, there are other things that I know ALL about and get very excited for. An example? Last last week, one of my longstanding wishes got that much closer to coming true: it looks like a Sex and the City movie is really going to happen. Happy happy! Joy joy! My only hesitation is that the series finale was SO good (almost perfect, really) that I wonder how they can take it further. But if any show can, it’s this one. Forget the Peloton and Gatorade: this will be my new sport, counting down the days. I cannot wait!

have a good day, everyone!
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