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A couple of days ago, I finally had to do it: I took off my rings. To be honest, my fingers haven’t gotten THAT swollen (yet?) but day by day it seemed to be getting worse, and I’d heard enough stories about pregnant women having to get their rings cut off to scare me, so now I am bare fingered. And it is REALLY weird. Normally I wear my wedding and engagement ring, and then, on my right hand, a couple of other rings as well (I buy one for each book I finish, to remind me to keep going when the writing gets tough on the next one). The right hand rings, which were always a bit tighter, went awhile back, but I’d held onto my wedding and engagement ones because I couldn’t imagine being without them. Maybe it’s shallow, but they’d really just become a part of me, and it’s just so strange to not look down and see them. I thought about wearing them around my neck, on a chain, but it seemed safer to tuck them away in a drawer until after the baby comes. I have been told ENTIRELY too many times that I put too much meaning and sentimentality into objects, and clearly this is no exception. It’s just rings, it’s just rings. But still.

Meanwhile, I read this morning that Jane Magazine is shutting down, which makes me kind of sad. I subscribed to Jane for many years, and still read it occasionally when my friend Dana and I do magazine swaps. The article says that it was targeted towards single women in their twenties, and that the readership began to age out, and maybe that’s what happened to me. But another thing was that I got sort of bothered by the mixed messages: on the one hand, there were so many great articles about body acceptance and being healthy not rail thin, but then the fashion spreads seemed to be getting more and more anorexic. I mean, at one point, I couldn’t even LOOK at some of the photos, the girls were so gaunt and creepy. Maybe this, too, was part of being older, I don’t know. I feel that I am becoming undeniably square these days. The upside, though, is that at the very end of the article they mention that Jane Pratt, who started Jane (and Sassy, back in the day) is working on a new magazine project. So maybe this will be the next phase for people like me who read Sassy, then Jane? Let’s hope so, as I am not ready to move into Women’s Day and Good Housekeeping just yet. Yikes!

have a good day, everyone!
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