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Today, I had plans to write about yesterday, which was fraught with one technological challenge after another (I swear, were there sunspots or something?). Or, maybe, about how the deer last night managed to level all of my sunflowers, just as they were blooming. (Sigh.) But then, trolling Google News this morning, I stumbled across this article about the new musical Xanadu and suddenly, nothing else mattered as much as going straight to YouTube to find a clip of the original movie in all its cheesy glory.

I SO remember when this movie came out, as I was in my Olivia Newton John adoration stage (this was right after Grease, which I was totally obsessed with). It was 1980, I was ten years old, and to me, Xanadu had everything: ONJ, roller skating, disco music. Then, a few years ago, I caught a bit of it on TV, and I was amazed at how TOTALLY cheesy it was. (Like I’d just assumed I was some great arbiter of taste at 10 years old? But I digress.) Anyway, the movie is just plain awful, but in that fun so-bad-you-want-to-avert-your-eyes-but-can’t way. Gene Kelly is in it (yes, that Gene Kelly) and there are all these totally huge ELO songs, and LOTS of legwarmers. This clip really doesn’t do it justice, as you need to hear the terrible dialog and see the rest of the sets, but it’s a start. Brace yourself.

I know. I know!

have a good day, everyone!
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