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I passed my glucose test.

*breathes sigh of relief*

I am so happy, I can’t even tell you. I think I will celebrate by eating ten cupcakes.

Just kidding. I’ll only eat one. Or maybe two. Honestly, though, yesterday was NOT fun. Giving blood four times in four hours, on an empty stomach, when you are STARVING is no walk in the park. My arms look like one of those people on Intervention who are always insisting they don’t have a problem. Not a pretty sight. But now it’s over, thank goodness, and I can go on obsessing about something else. Like the fact that my Tivo cut off right after the Scott Baio show began, so I still haven’t been able to see why he’s forty five and single. Or that I just sent back Lock and Key to my editor after finishing copyediting, which means the next time I see it, it’ll be in galley form and about to be sent out to tons of people to read. Yikes! Or maybe, I can just not obsess at all. Just sit back, relax, put my feet up and go with the proverbial flow, calm and cool and together.

Yeah, right. I wish. Onto the cupcakes!

have a good day, everyone!
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