Saturday morning, I was laying in bed trying to get up when my husband stuck his head in the door and said, “Britney shaved her head and went into rehab.” I just looked at him. “Shut up,” I said. “She did,” he insisted. “I swear. It’s on the news.” (The fact that I did not have to say Britney Who? as most people probably would, speaks volumes about our household, but whatever.) Still, I did not believe him until I literally saw it with my own eyes, on GMA a few minutes later. Apparently, after checking in and out of rehab late last week, our girl Brit shaved her head, then went and got some new tattoos. (Read the story here if you’ve been under a rock and somehow missed this, or think I’m kidding. I assure you, I am not.)

Initially, I didn’t even want to write about this. I mean, it’s not funny as much as sad and worrisome. What has to be going on with someone who is so publicly falling apart? I mean, maybe I’m generalizing here, but I think for most girls—not to mention a celebrity who is photographed constantly—shaving your head is a pretty radical act. It signals a kind of desperation to me, or something. I keep thinking about how, for years, we all looked at Anna Nicole and rolled our eyes, saying, oh, God, she’s such a mess. She became a trainwreck and a joke, and no one intervened, and now she’s dead. I’m not trying to be morbid, but you can’t help but wonder why anyone isn’t stepping up to try and help Britney. Maybe they are, and she’s just resisting. We all know no one can get help unless they want it themselves. But Britney, in a lot of ways, seems even sadder to me than Anna Nicole ever did, if only because we knew her when she was young, just a kid. Anna Nicole always had that hard, rough life aspect to her, but Britney…I don’t even know where I’m going with this. It’s just sad. That’s all.

Also sad—though not at all on the same level, of course—is the news that tonight’s episode of Studio 60 may be its last. Now, I’ve said before how much I love this show, although I do feel the last few episodes have been weaker than the ones in the beginning. But the concept is so good, and Matthew Perry is amazing, and if they leave us hanging now, there’s so much that will never be resolved. I’m no longer holding out hope that it will be renewed next season, but hopefully they’ll at LEAST bring it back to play out the last few episodes and give us some closure. Fingers crossed.

have a good day, everyone!
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