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I feel big.

I mean, really big. Like I lumber, I don’t walk. I might even be waddling: I’m not looking closely enough to find out for sure, to be totally honest. Getting up out of bed is now not so simple as just, you know, springing to my feet. There is no springing to my feet, period. There is, instead, a three or four step process, which I am well acquainted with because I have to get up a LOT these days in the middle of the night. I feel like I’ve lived most of my life in fifth gear, and now I am slowly having to downshift: first fourth, then third, now I’m rolling along, barely maintaining second. My friends tell me that this is all preparation for when the baby is here, and I can’t do a hundred things a day anymore, will be happy to just get two or three done, really. But it is an adjustment, I have to say. Thank goodness I still have the energy to make cookies, they are one thing that is getting me through. As well as probably the reason I am waddling. But I’m choosing not to think about that, right now.

Speaking of new arrivals, I’ve been getting a lot of comments and emails about Lock and Key, people wondering what it is about, asking for information. I really want to tell you everything—I mean, all I’m doing is sitting around eating cookies, I’m desperate for activities!—as well as show you the cover, but I am trying to wait until I have the official go ahead from my publisher first. I can tell you that the main character’s name is Ruby, that she’s a little different from my other narrators in terms of her background, and that there is a boy involved. I know, I know, it’s not much at all. But as soon as I have the okay, I promise, you’ll read all about it here first. And I thank everyone who has asked for their enthusiasm and excitement, even all these months before the book comes out. What would I do without you guys?

Finally, I know I’ve been writing entirely too much about Friday Night Lights lately, because I am Obsessed. This show is phenomenal, I can’t believe there was any doubt about it getting renewed for next season, and I only have two episodes left to watch, at which point I will probably cry, because I am just that attached. But yesterday, I had a total six degrees of separation moment with this show, which was FABULOUS. Actually, it was just one degree: the actress who played Scarlett in How to Deal, the lovely Alexandra Holden, turned up in a part on a recent episode. I got to meet her when I went to Toronto to the set of How To Deal, and she was just SO nice and answered all my stupid questions about when she was on Friends, and invited me out to dinner with a bunch of the cast, which was pretty much one of the coolest nights ever. On FNL, she played this Austin-based tattoo artist, and she looks GREAT, rocking this long blonde hair and a pair of those hipster glasses that look cool and sexy on just about everyone but me. Okay, so it was a dorky thrill, but a thrill just the same. Like I said, not much going on but waddling these days. I’ll take what I can get…

have a good day, everyone!
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