The Friday Five! (Special August Edition!)

1. So, I’m back, feeling well rested and still in vacation mode, just in time for the weekend. Which is good, because it’s alarming, actually, to realize that it IS already August (back to school ads are already running, hello!) and, on a more personal note, I’m, um, going to be giving birth sooner rather than later. Funny how September used to be a LOOOONG way away. Now, not so much. Yikes!

2. I spent my time off doing a lot of reading, which was great. Currently I’m alternating between The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (which everyone I know has raved about) and Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, which I read years ago but is super relevant to me now, as it’s all about her first year with her son. On deck, I have another Marian Keyes book, Is There Anybody Out There? as well as my dog-eared copy of The Accidental Tourist, just because I love Anne Tyler and have to go back to her every once in awhile to remind myself why. I seem to have the shortest attention span EVER these days (which is why I’m reading two books at once, as well as various magazines) but I can’t decide if it’s the heat or the pregnancy or what. Hmmmm.

3. Anyone who reads this space regularly knows how much I love me some Good Morning America. Which was why I was so rattled to hear this week that Robin Roberts has breast cancer. She’s having surgery today, and will be undergoing treatment in the weeks to come, and I have to say I think it is just so cool that she’s being so open about her diagnosis, sharing it with the public, because who knows how many people she’s educating, how many lives could be changed because she increased awareness. I am thinking good thoughts for her today, and every day to come. You rock, Robin!

4. I know it’s not exactly PG-13 in subject or in content, but I have to say, I am LOVING watching Season Two of Weeds on DVD. Mary Louise Parker is, like, a god to me, the writing is so good, and they’re only thirty minutes long, perfect for short attention spans. The only drawback? I’m already halfway through the season, at which point I’ll have to wait another year for the next one, since I don’t have Showtime. Oh, well.

5. I have absolutely no reason to post this clip. I can’t draw some parallel between it and the stuff I’ve written above, it’s not topical news-wise…nothing. Blame my short attention span. Or the fact that sometimes, when you don’t know what you need, you need a little Mitch.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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