The new Jessica Darling book (okay, so it’s the new Megan McCafferty book, but diehard fans know what I mean) goes on sale today. I was lucky enough to get to read an early copy, and I LOVED it. Isn’t it great when there’s a book you’ve been eagerly awaiting, and you finally get your hands on it? I love that.

Speaking of books, I’m reading tons of them now, as I am basically required to sit in one place for much of the day. I finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, which was very good—almost poetic, in places—and now I’ve moved on to Delia Ephron’s upcoming Frannie in Pieces, a YA book I got an early copy of (am I lucky, or what?). I’m really enjoying it so far, but because I’m into mixing it up lately (I’m crazy like that) I’m alternately reading a Marion Keyes book, Anybody Out There? which is exactly what I want it to be, fun and easy and perfect for the pool (or pretending you are by the pool, in my case). I have awaiting me a stack of other YA books that I have been meaning to get to all year, but haven’t because I was up to my ears in my own book, and I tend to avoid YA when I’m writing. Weird, I know, but it’s just the way I work. Now that Lock and Key is kinda-sorta out of my hands, though, at least for awhile, I can settle back into the teenage voice for awhile. I’ve been needing to read Twilight FOREVER (I know, I know, I’ve been busy!) as well as The Book Thief (no excuse, I won’t even try).

The upside of all this reading? I feel marginally less guilty about watching Flipping Out, the occasional Rock of Love and—-cringeworthy confession ahead—fifteen minutes of The Two Coreys the other day. I know. I know! Maybe reading can be like a penance for me: for every ep of Scott Baio or the Coreys, I add another book to my list. But then, reading becomes like a punishment, which it certainly is not. Right now, in fact, it’s more like a lifesaver. You can do it anywhere, you don’t need company, it’s not bad for the earth or wastes energy, and you can eat chocolate chip cookies while you do it. What’s not to love?

have a good day, everyone!
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